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Stuck on endless repeat? 10 quick ideas to help auditors reboot tired old audit plans

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Are you and your annual audit plan stuck on endless repeat? Your boss—and your organization—may be wondering: what have you done for me lately? Here are 10 ways to recharge—and make your boss love you all the more.

A different view of fraud: Q&A with Dan Zitting

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In a recent interview with Corporate Compliance Insights, Dan Zitting, chief product officer, ACL, shares his thoughts on fraud and how GRC professionals can combat fraud issues more effectively.

Is it time to up your data analytics game? “Level-Up” your skills with ACDA certification

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The ACL™ Certified Data Analyst (ACDA) Intermediate, is an industry recognized certification. Earning this designation demonstrates your ability to integrate ACL data analysis techniques into business processes.

“Dare to be Different” by exploiting data…and the connections in between

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One factor in support of excellence in auditing and risk management is the ability to master data. However, the industry still suffers from a lack of use of data-driven solutions. In this post, Dan Clark discusses the power of connecting data to find surprising results.