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Top 25 Tests for EVERY Organization

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Do you have suspicious transactions and accounts hiding in your company books? Use ACL Inspirations as your guide. We’ve broken down our 25 tests into six different risk areas spanning GL, T&E, Payroll, IT, P2P and O2C.

How to identify employees’ fraudulent use of purchasing cards

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Purchasing cards (P-Cards) are increasingly used by businesses and government organizations to reduce the costs of traditional procurement processes, but they are also particularity prone to fraud. Download this free eBook to learn more about combatting Purchasing Card and T&E Expense Fraud.

Too many or too few? How to find the right balance of financial controls

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Financial & accounting executives are often the most data-savvy leaders within an organization. Their jobs are focused on making sure that their teams produce reliable financial reports and analyses to effectively support [...]

WATCH: The CAE’s Diary on buying Audit Management Software

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In this on-demand webinar, learn how the Executive Director of Internal Audit at BMI Music has blown through the ambiguity, selected and deployed a data-driven audit management system.