4 key takeaways from GRC LeaderCon New York

Last week we invited audit, risk and compliance professionals to join together in a one day event in New York City to share their experience and expertise around this very question. Here are the top four takeaways from GRC LeaderCon.

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Benchmark your audit team against your peers

How do you compare to your audit peers in salary, department budget audit findings and remediation time? Take this survey to find out!

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Better ways to manage supply chain risks

In this post, John Verver dives into common risks that occur in the supply chain process and gives examples of how to use technology to better manage them.

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6 reasons spreadsheets fail for GRC

Although commonly used as a GRC tool, spreadsheets use can garner significant risks (and costs) if not properly monitored and controlled. In a recent blog post by Michael Rasmussen of The GRC Pundit, he looks at real life examples of organizations looking to get away from negative impacts of using speadsheets for GRC.

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Upcoming Webinar: The analytics you need to know to manage reputational risk

Damage to an organization’s reputation can have a direct impact on its bottom line, ability to grow and, in some instances, the ability to continue as an organization—so why do many organizations still struggle to find an effective way to manage this risk?

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A very useful resource for understanding the risks of employee fraud—and how to reduce them

In this post John Verver discusses the ACFE's Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud—noting that employee fraud is still a major problem.

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Leadership is still the missing ingredient

For the past decade, PwC’s annual State of the Internal Audit Profession study has proved to be a reliable barometer of the status of issues impacting auditors globally. In this post, John Verver comments on the theme of executive leadership in internal audit and the critical role of data analysis.

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ACL Product Pulse – June

The Product Pulse is ACL’s regular blog series on product and ecosystem updates. In this Edition: Top secret surveys revealed for all, how to go on a data safari, and Inspirations for insurance.

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Stop wasting money on survey tools, we’ve got you covered

Calling all ACL customers! Did you know you have powerful survey capabilities already at your fingertips? Learn more here.

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5 questions you needs to ask in the fight against fraud

At times the challenge of combatting government fraud, waste and abuse may seem overwhelming, but what may seem at times to be an insurmountable problem can be broken down and prioritized, and efforts concentrated on actions that have the greatest impact. Here are five questions you need to ask in the fight against fraud.

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