The Future of “Big Data” Risk Analytics and Obsolescence of the Traditional Internal Auditor

The world of the traditional auditor has changed. In this post, Dan Zitting, chief product officer at ACL, looks at what the future holds for the audit profession and gives insight into the future of "big data" risk analytics.

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Top 10 Analytics Tests: Users Choice

Inspirations is our collective public library, housing hundreds of analytic testing ideas powered by ACL. The Inspirations community is growing fast with 2,000 users worldwide, and we’re constantly updating with new content as we continue to research new ways to inspire you. If you aren’t sure where to start or you want to see the value your peers are getting from Inspirations, look no further!

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Top 5 things you didn’t know internal auditors could do with ACL technology

Calling all internal auditors! Are you tired of wasting time manually handling documentation, looking for a way to capture audit evidence using your smartphone or wanting to significantly expand your data analysis capabilities? Good news—you can do all this (and more!) with ACL technology.

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Data analysis: a very powerful business tool—but what are the risks?

How many auditors—or risk managers—consider the impact of risks that can arise from organizational use of data and analysis? In this post, John Verver discusses the IIA's Audit Executive Center's recently released 2016 North American Pulse of Internal Audit.

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Fraud Analytics: The New Revolution

While technology has played a role in increasing the opportunities to commit fraud, the good news is that it can also play a key role in identifying new ways to detect fraud. However, a new revolution has taken us by force—new strategies, data mining techniques, and powerful software options are constantly evolving, and so must we.

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Bangladesh Bank Heist: 5 crucial lessons for more effective compliance

Investigations are currently underway on how one of the biggest cyber bank heists in history, which nearly eradicated all USD reserves of an entire country, happened despite controls being in place. As more facts are revealed, one thing is certain —the cyber heist unveiled massive compliance breaches at every step during the process.

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How will the Panama Papers change risk management?

What should auditors and risk managers be doing to determine whether there are risks to their organization from offshore financial structures, and, if so, whether they are being managed in an acceptable way?

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ACL ScriptHub wins GRC 20/20 award for innovation in automated controls architecture

With its robust library of scripts, Scripthub removes the common challenges surrounding the technical complexities of interpreting, analyzing and extracting data. Here are the benefits of ScriptHub found by the governance, risk management, and compliance analyst firm

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Supercharge your SOX team with pre-populated project templates

FREE with your ACL GRC subscription, supercharge your SOX team with pre-populated ACL project templates

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Product Pulse – April

In this edition of the ACL Product Pulse we have dice coefficients for fuzzy matching, a catalog for ScriptHub, and a COSO 2013 SOX template in Project Manager.

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