Too many or too few? How to find the right balance of financial controls

Financial & accounting executives are often the most data-savvy leaders within an organization. Their jobs are focused on making sure that their teams produce reliable financial reports and analyses to effectively support smart and informed executive decision-making. Together with leaders of other functional areas, they are responsible for internal controls to ensure [...]

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WATCH: The CAE’s Diary on buying Audit Management Software

In this on-demand webinar, learn how the Executive Director of Internal Audit at BMI Music has blown through the ambiguity, selected and deployed a data-driven audit management system.

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5 Key Highlights from GRC LeaderCon in Singapore

On June 21, audit, risk and compliance professionals gathered at Fullerton Hotel in Singapore for a one-day event to share their in-depth experience, expertise, challenges faced, as well as their insights on and vision for the GRC landscape. Here are the highlights!

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Banking license revoked—a wake-up call to a watertight AML compliance framework

6 Key elements of a strong AML compliance framework.

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Product Pulse – July

In this edition of the ACL Product Pulse: a textual analytics toolkit, legendary Storyboards, and using ACL Results Manager to manage attribute sampling.

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5 powerful resources every ACL customer should know about

Here are five amazing resources available to every ACL customer.

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6 reasons to quit monkeying around with survey tools

Here are six reasons to quit monkeying around with survey tools and start utilizing ACL's powerful capabilities.

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“Fight fire with fire”—a technology-driven response to fraud

In this posts, John Verver delves into KPMG's recent report, Global Profiles of the Fraudster, and why only a relatively small percentage of organizations are using technology to proactively fight fraud.

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4 key takeaways from GRC LeaderCon New York

Last week we invited audit, risk and compliance professionals to join together in a one day event in New York City to share their experience and expertise around this very question. Here are the top four takeaways from GRC LeaderCon.

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Benchmark your audit team against your peers

How do you compare to your audit peers in salary, department budget audit findings and remediation time? Take this survey to find out!

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