Cutting off criminals’ cash

If you’re a bank (or a customer of a bank), then chances are 100% that financial crimes are happening on your dime.

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101 ACL Applications for Auditors: Starting Your Weekly Big Data Journey

A common problem at most companies is that while they are aware of Big Data, they don’t have a solution to use it in any meaningful way. Here is a small “challenge” to correct this situation: Start an ACL Big Data Weekly Journey.

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4 upcoming webinars that you don’t want to miss!

We have four exciting webinars coming up that you don’t want to miss!

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Is your organization at risk for these 6 common ERP system vulnerabilities?

Many organizations today face risk exposures relating to ERP implementations. Here are six common vulnerabilities that may be enabling revenue leakage and compliance risks to fly under your radar

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Why is internal audit not addressing the data analytics capability gap?

There seems to be an increasing gap between what internal auditors—and particularly Chief Audit Executives (CAEs)—say is the importance of data analytics to the future of audit and their capabilities to actually put analytics to work. Three major reports this year, from two of the Big Four and The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), raise some concerning issues.

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Top 4 reasons to attend #ACLConnections 2016

We're pulling out all the stops at ACL Connections 2016 with hands-on training, 18 CPE credits, access to the latest roadmaps and more! Here are the top four reasons why you should attend.

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ACL Team of the Year! ACL Product Development Teams Win Silver Stevie International Business Award

The Product Development Team at ACL has been recognized with a prestigious Silver Award in the 13th Annual Stevie International Business Awards in the category of Product Development Department/Management Department or Team of the Year.

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Are you missing 80% of your risks? Learn why only data can tell you the truth.

No matter what organization you work for, risks are lurking in material processes and in today’s fast-paced, highly regulated and wildly competitive market, sampling data to test your controls just doesn’t cut it. Effectively managing your strategic risk requires two words: data analytics.

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What happens when you get into a room of top-notch government financial experts?

ACL's Nonie Dalton shares her top four takeaways from the Association of Government Auditors (AGA) annual Professional Development and Training Event (PDT).

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Social network analysis for understanding connections in fraud

Technology aims to connect just about everything with just about everyone, so how do we even begin to understand and make sense of all these connections? In this post, Jeremy Brown looks at how Social Network Analysis can be used to detect fraud.

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