Why does athletic academic fraud happen?

Athletic academic fraud is a systemic problem jeopardizing academic institutions’ primary mission to educate. In this post, ACL's Nonie Dalton explains why athletic academic fraud happens and how it can be combatted with the use of data analysis.

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Top 5 features of ACL’s Fall ’16 release: Data-Driven

We’ve just delivered the biggest product launch in ACL’s history. It is our “Open Data” release, unleashing the power of ACL as one part of a broader data-ecosystem. What does this mean for you? Here are the top 5 features of ACL's latest release.

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Product Pulse – September – Analytics 12 Part 1: Data Access

In this edition of the Product Pulse, Phil Lim goes through features of the recent ACL Analytics 12 release.

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How I became “sought after” using ACL gear: ACL VP Operations Jose Aleman shares his journey creating a corporate crystal ball

In this post Jose Aleman, VP of Operations at ACL, shares his journey on building a corporate “crystal ball” using ACL gear and subsequently becoming the most sought-after individual in the organization.

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Visualizing your risks and opportunities with words and letters

The majority of us have been trained daily to “follow the money” whether it is reviewing financial results, managing compliance or trying to detect fraud. However, when we look at the mountain of information at our gates, we quickly realize that 26 letters are used far more than ten numbers. In this post, Rich Lanza explores how to extract value from text using ACL.

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Supply Chain Risk Management: Delving into the detail of purchase-to-pay risk analytics

In this post, John Verver delves into the details of specific types of analysis that can be performed to address risks in the purchase-to-pay process.

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What do fraud, Millennials and data analytics have in common?

If you are thinking that millennials commit more fraud, I’m willing to bet you are a Baby Boomer or a Generation Xer — tsk, tsk! As far as I’m aware, Millennials are no more guilty than any other generation. The shared connection here is that all three were hot topics at the 2016 NASACT Conference.

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Cutting off criminals’ cash

If you’re a bank (or a customer of a bank), then chances are 100% that financial crimes are happening on your dime.

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101 ACL Applications for Auditors: Starting Your Weekly Big Data Journey

A common problem at most companies is that while they are aware of Big Data, they don’t have a solution to use it in any meaningful way. Here is a small “challenge” to correct this situation: Start an ACL Big Data Weekly Journey.

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4 upcoming webinars that you don’t want to miss!

We have four exciting webinars coming up that you don’t want to miss!

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