Expert Advice: How Equinix built a business case for integrated risk management

We recently sat down with Equinix’s VP of Finance, Rod Verhulp, and Sr. Manager of the GRC Program Office – Legal, Nilisha Agrawal, to get their advice on how they built a business case for an enterprise GRC platform—and how they got other departments and executives on board.

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Stuck on endless repeat? 10 quick ideas to help auditors reboot tired old audit plans

Are you and your annual audit plan stuck on endless repeat? Your boss—and your organization—may be wondering: what have you done for me lately? Here are 10 ways to recharge—and make your boss love you all the more.

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A different view of fraud: Q&A with Dan Zitting

In a recent interview with Corporate Compliance Insights, Dan Zitting, chief product officer, ACL, shares his thoughts on fraud and how GRC professionals can combat fraud issues more effectively.

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Is it time to up your data analytics game? “Level-Up” your skills with ACDA certification

The ACL™ Certified Data Analyst (ACDA) Intermediate, is an industry recognized certification. Earning this designation demonstrates your ability to integrate ACL data analysis techniques into business processes.

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“Dare to be Different” by exploiting data…and the connections in between

One factor in support of excellence in auditing and risk management is the ability to master data. However, the industry still suffers from a lack of use of data-driven solutions. In this post, Dan Clark discusses the power of connecting data to find surprising results.

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How to be sought after: CEO Laurie Schultz talks about ACL’s vision for risk and compliance professionals

On the heels of ACL’s annual Connections customer conference, CEO Laurie Schultz shares her vision for ACL and our customers: where we started, where we’re going and how you, too, can use a “crystal ball” to get a seat at the strategic planning table.

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Customer Spotlight: Meet the sought-after people using ACL

ACL continues to serve a growing list of customers from all across the globe—and they are doing amazing things! There are more than 14,000 GRC teams worldwide who rely on ACL to make their day more productive, more valuable and more fun. Here are a few customer stars we want to brag about—and learn from.

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Trends in the casino industry: A Millennial’s vision for managing gaming compliance programs

The casino gaming industry is highly regulated and has always been under a lot of scrutiny. With all this red tape, it's not easy to demonstrate compliance to get a passing grade. Maybe it's time to start thinking like a Millennial and apply some awesome technology.

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Reducing the costs and burden of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

In the years since the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act was first implemented the general consensus is that, overall, it has produced positive net benefits. However, the costs of achieving SOX compliance are significant. Data analysis can reduce costs and make a difference—so why do many companies still not use it?

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Ramp up your team 4x faster with Academy training progress reporting!

We consistently receive requests from managers and team leads who want to know how their team is doing in Academy. Until now, there was no way to do this. Workaround no more—we’ve completely automated this so you can receive progress reports as often as you like!

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