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Big Data… Big Deal?

In a recent report, “Billions and billions: big data becomes a big deal,” our friends at Deloitte predict that in 2012, “Big Data” will likely experience accelerating growth and market penetration.  By the end of this calendar year – according to the report – more than 90% of the Fort
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The Right to Know

The HIPAA Right-to-Know Act has a number of compliance departments in a spin. In a nutshell, it is due to become law in 2012 and will mean that any customer (patient) of a healthcare provider can demand a report of who accessed their medical records, see what that employee or contract
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Be Careful What You Wish For

It sounds obvious doesn’t it? If I want to analyze data as part of a continuous monitoring program, I need to ask IT to let me have direct access to my company’s databases and I’m off to the races. Well, I have touched on this in previous blogs, but I’m going to bring it up again. The
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BusinessFinance Excerpt: Connecting the Dots on Risk, Analytics, and Compliance

An excerpt from BusinessFinance: There have been many great articles published lately about risk management, analytics, fraud, compliance and the value of internal controls. All are good reading and very informative. There is a ton of good information that can be gleaned from each of
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Is the “Next Big Thing” Data Governance?

It’s funny how topics converge from time to time. For me it was one of those cases of things happening in 3’s. Just last week, I attended the MIS GRC conference in New York.  As with all of the events that Joel Kramer puts on, it was full of value to all who were in attendance.  I sat
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