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Help your Internal Audit Department Safeguard your Organization: Increase use of Data Analytics

According to a new survey conducted by Deloitte UK, 47% of respondents said that the increased use of data analytics would most help IA providing assurance over the risk of fraud.  Who am I to argue about that!  You can find the survey report here. It’s a good read. This is a very int
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Big Data… Big Deal?

In a recent report, “Billions and billions: big data becomes a big deal,” our friends at Deloitte predict that in 2012, “Big Data” will likely experience accelerating growth and market penetration.  By the end of this calendar year – according to the report – more than 90% of the Fort
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Conventional Risk Management be Dammed

Wise words from Henry Ristuccia and Rick Funston of Deloitte.  The notion that conventional risk management is flawed is an interesting one.  Ristuccia and Funston contend that conventional risk management doesn’t work when the risk is extreme – and lots of extreme events seem to be h
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