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Our approach to governance, risk management, and compliance.

Data automation

Data automation

We make it easy to continuously analyze data, enabling robotic automation of governance activities and visualization of patterns. When assessing risk, measuring controls, monitoring compliance, or expanding assurance coverage, data automation multiplies your impact.

Convention, not customization

Convention, not customization

Cloud-based deployment, easy-to-learn features and a prescriptive workflow mean you spend less time setting up software or managing change and more time focused on value-added work.

Intuitive Design

Intuitive design

ACL was created by governance professionals frustrated with software that they couldn’t stand using any longer. Our platform is modern, attractive, and works the way you do right from the first time you log in.

Be the first to spot opportunities, identify emerging risks, and confidently steer your organization.

One governance platform, no matter your role.

Risk Management

Make data-informed decisions by linking risks to strategic performance goals and use analytics to remove subjectivity. Learn more

Compliance Management

Stay on the right side of policies, laws, and regulators with ACL’s pre-loaded content and logical compliance mapping. Learn more

SOX Compliance

Manage your SOX program, centralize controls, streamline collaboration, and make reporting and certification a breeze. Learn more

Audit Management & Analytics

ACL’s intuitive electronic working papers help you take action, deliver more value, and build better relationships. Learn more

Risk & Control Monitoring

Easily manage all of your risks with our pre-loaded risk libraries and powerful risk and control analytics. Learn more

Fraud & Corruption Management

Test controls against common frameworks and regulatory requirements, automate tasks, then review and remediate. Learn more

IT Governance

Crush ever-growing task lists with ACL’s data analysis, surveys, self-assessments, and easy-to-manage software. Learn more

Strategy & Performance Governance

Strategy & Performance Governance

Gain transparency and efficiency on your strategy execution, by automating the reporting of your operational objectives as enterprise scale. Learn more

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“It doesn’t require much IT support, if any at all. We just found it was a very cost-effective approach compared to some of the others. And it provided the integration capabilities and the flexibility that we needed. It gives us that overarching umbrella for how we look at governance, risk, and compliance.”

Rod Verhulp

VP of Finance, Equinix

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Georgia Department of Administrative Services

“In situations where I’ve gone to the business owner and said, I think we can use ACL GRC here, the flexibility of ACL lets me do that.”

Kristine Spleith

Deputy CIO, Business Integration IT
Georgia Department of Administrative Services

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Four new ACL features ease the burden of SOX compliance

Additional features enhance ACL’s data-driven SOX solution Over 15 years after its introduction, SOX compliance remains a challenge for many organizations. With the hours spent on SOX compliance and controls (and accompanying costs involved) increasing each year,...

ACL Named One of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers for Fifth Year in a Row

ACL, one of Canada’s most prominent tech companies, has been selected for the fifth year in a row as one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers. The designation, which is managed by The Globe and Mail, is awarded to the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that offer the nation’s best workplaces and forward-thinking human resources policies.

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