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Grace Chau
Grace ChauInstructional Designer, ACL
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Exciting news! We have a new designation to take your ACDA Intermediate certification to the next level: ACDA Advanced.

Don’t know what ACDA is? ACL Certified Data Analyst (ACDA) is an industry-recognized certification that demonstrates your ability to integrate ACL data analysis techniques into business processes. And now we offer two levels of awesomeness: ACDA Intermediate and ACDA Advanced.

How do I get certified?

The ACDA program provides you an opportunity to build and assess your skills through completing seven levels. Each level will progress in difficulty and allow you to show off your mad data skills. Upon successfully completing Level 4, you will be awarded the ACDA Intermediate designation, and after completing Level 7, you will achieve ACDA Advances status—high five!

What’s the difference between ACDA Intermediate and ACDA Advanced?

To really focus on efficiency, streamlining and continuous monitoring, you need to be a competent scripter! This is what ACDA Advanced focuses on, because scripting is the final key to unlocking the power of Analytics to its full potential. ACDA Advanced is designed for the scripting expert to level-up from their ACDA Intermediate designation.

How do I prepare for ACDA Advanced?

As you work your way to completing the ACDA Advanced designation, here are a few tips on things you can do to prepare:

1. Read scripts
Get exposure to different scripts written by different people. Try to understand their logic. Observe how they are laid out—reflect and consider what works and what doesn’t.

2. Troubleshoot a workmate’s scripts
Get used to troubleshooting scripts. Adopt the mindset of another person. Walk in their shoes to see how they approached an analysis and help them with troubleshooting. When you’re able to fix someone’s script, it means you’re pretty good at what you’re doing and you can easily dissect what went wrong.

3. Review the 303 Scripting training course
Even though this training course was recommended for ACDA Intermediate, it doesn’t hurt to re-visit it. You’ll always take away something new.

4. Practice writing scripts
If you haven’t already, write all the scripts you can to help you out at work. Then maybe expand scripting to your personal life to take care of your finances, or do an audit of your personal expenses. Write a script for anything and everything under the sun! Then, future proof and scale it, so it can be used for someone else’s data at another point in time. It’s all about getting as much practice as you can.

Excited about a new challenge? Great! Learn more about getting started on your ACDA designation here.