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Getting the Latest ACL Analytics Gear

“Why should I upgrade to the latest version?”, you may ask. Well, you’re already paying for all of the fantastic new features, so why not take full advantage of your subscription? Here are the three core benefits of why you should upgrade:

  1. Access to the newest functionalities in ACL Analytics
  2. Uninterrupted services and support from the ACL Customer Intensity Agency (aka ACL Support Team)
  3. Enhancements and bug fixes for previous ACL Analytics versions

With these benefits in mind, we will explore topics around our Spring 2017 Release and how to get the latest version of ACL Analytics.

Where to find the latest news about the Spring 2017 Release?

We are excited to share the news about the Spring 2017 Release so we made a BIG pop-up notification in ACL Launchpad. In case you haven’t logged into ACL Launchpad we highly recommend you to check it out.

Give the pop-up a “Hooray!” Launchpad Pop-up Hooray  while you are at it!

Spring 2017 Release Launchpad Pop-up

Missed the notification or accidentally closed it before reading it? Not to worry! You can click on the bell icon on the top right menu to see the notification history. Browse through this list to see what else you have missed.

To deep dive into the details of this release, you can check out the announcement page in ACL Community. To access to this page, follow these two simple steps:

  1. Select “Peer Community” on the right panel in your ACL Launchpad
  2. Click on the “See what’s new in the world of ACL with our Spring 2017 Release!” banner at the top of the ACL Community homepage

How do I download or upgrade to the latest version of ACL Analytics?

If you are a new ACL Analytics user, follow the instructions below to learn how to download and install the latest version of ACL Analytics (Note: You must have administrative rights on your computer in order to install the software. If you do not, please contact your IT administrator for access or have them install ACL Analytics for you):

  1. Log into ACL Launchpad.
  2. Select “ACL for Windows” under the Downloads & Mobile Apps section.
  3. Click on the “Download Version 12.5” button to download the ACL Analytics installer.
  4. Open the installer and follow all the prompts to properly install ACL Analytics 12.5.
  5. Once installation has completed, you will see the “ACL for Windows” icon on your computer desktop.
  6. Double click on the ACL icon to start the application. You are required to activate the license before you can use it. The credentials needed to activate your license are the same credentials you use to log into ACL Launchpad.

If you are an existing user of ACL Analytics, follow the instructions below to upgrade your ACL Analytics to the latest version (Note: You must have administrative rights on your computer in order to install the software. If you do not, please contact your IT administrator for access or have them upgrade ACL Analytics for you):

There are two ways to upgrade to the latest version:

Method 1: Through the application

  1. Click on the ACL icon on your computer desktop to start the application.
  2. Open an existing project and a notification alert will appear, notifying you that a new version is available. Click on the alert message and click on the “Download” button to start the upgrade.
    • Missed the notification alert? Not to worry! Click on the “Show hidden icons” and click on the ACL Analytics icon to open up the notification again.

Method 2: Through ACL Launchpad

  1. Log into ACL Launchpad.
    • You will notice a message next to the ACL for Windows icon to “upgrade to v12.5” under the Downloads & Mobile Apps section.
  2. Select “ACL for Windows” under the Downloads & Mobile Apps section.
  3. Click on the “Download Version 12.5” button to download the ACL Analytics Installer.
  4. Open the installer and follow all the prompts to properly upgrade to ACL Analytics 12.5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for ACL Analytics:

  • Should I install the non-Unicode or Unicode edition of Analytics?
    • You should install the non-Unicode edition of Analytics unless you work with data that has:
      • Asian characters
      • A combination of Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, or Arabic character encodings
    • For more information, see ACL Unicode product
  • How can I find out which version of ACL Analytics is installed on my computer?
    1. Start ACL for Windows.
    2. In the ACL for Windows Launcher, open an existing ACL Project.
    3. Within the ACL Analytics application, select “Help” in the Menu Bar.
    4. Select “About” and within the pop-up window, you will see the version number
  • How come I don’t see the pop-up notification about new version when I start up ACL Analytics?
    • It is possible that your IT department has disabled this notification due to security reasons. Please reach out to your IT administrator to get your ACL Analytics updated to the latest version.
  • Is there sample data that I can access to practice using ACL Analytics?
    • YES! Every user who downloads and installs ACL Analytics gets a set of sample data installed as well. A file named “ACL Data” can be located in your Documents folder on your computer once you have installed ACL Analytics.

Tip of the Month

After upgrading your ACL Analytics software, you are required to reactivate your software. Before you upgrade, make sure you have your ACL account user name and password ready. If you do not have your account credentials available, you could lock yourself out of ACL Analytics.

Wait… Did you forget your ACL account user name and password? Your account user name is usually your corporate email address. As for your password, there isn’t a way to retrieve the existing one, but you can reset it by visiting the login page of ACL Launchpad and selecting the “Reset Password” option on the page.

Product Release

Here is a list of the latest features for ACL Analytics in this Spring 2017 Release:

1. New ACL native data connector to Concur
With Concur being a popular SaaS expense management system, many of our clients need to pull travel and expense data from it for analysis. For that reason, ACL now offers a connector for Concur data through our new Data Access Window.

2. Smart Memory feature
The state of an ACL project is now preserved between sessions, or when closing and reopening the application. Any tables, scripts, log files, or workspaces that are open when you close the project are automatically opened when you reopen the project.

3. Hyperspeed performance boosters
Presorting & sorting performance has been enhanced. Look for performance improvements with commands like Summarize and Duplicate.

4. Analysis Apps upgrade
Packaging analysis apps is now more flexible. You can include beautiful visualizations, and have more control over selecting which data files and associated table layouts to display as part of your Analysis Apps.

To find out more details about the Spring ’17 release, please see our Release Notes on ACL Community.

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