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ACL Insider
ACL Insider
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With ACL’s Spring ’17 release, we introduced the first software to combine risk assurance and compliance assurance into a single, aggregated metric. Don’t just take our word for it, see it with your own eyes!

In this webinar, ACL’s Chad Wood, senior solution leader, Sergiu Cernautan, director of GRC strategy, and Kevin Legere, director of product design, give an overview of new features and show then off in the ACL Platform with a live demo.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to automate the core stages of the enterprise risk management lifecycle: identification, assessment, treatment, assurance & monitoring
  • How to present your enterprise risk performance on a single ‘risk balance sheet’ backed with performance science
  • How to unlock more reporting options and share results on risk management activities in a variety of interactive custom and standard formats
  • How to lighten the operational burden and cost of regulatory compliance
  • How to build a crystal ball of monitoring programs and enforceable remediation workflow for smart closed-feedback loops

Watch now!

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Jump to Operational Risk, Controls, Audit & Compliance 16:42

Jump to Assessments, Continuous Monitoring & Reporting 32:35