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Top 10 2017 ACL blog posts

It’s been a busy year on the ACL Blog, bringing you the latest industry trends, thought leadership, and the great things ACL and our customers are achieving in governance, risk management, and compliance. Here are the top 10 most popular blog posts—and more—to make sure you’re all caught up on 2017!

1. 3 tips for getting started with predictive analytics

Predictive analytics can be an intimidating subject for a new user to learn, but with some time, dedication, and research, predictive modeling can be very useful across a broad spectrum of disciplines and industries.

2. The power of data analytics in detecting, assessing, and preventing fraud

Data analytics is an increasingly critical element of fraud prevention. We look at the landscape of fraud risk management, including fraud assessment, monitoring, and investigations, and the key elements of these in light of a number of guiding reports and best practices.

3. Basic Usage of ACL Analytics

Take a tour of ACL Analytics and learn how to perform some very basic analysis on your data. Learn the terminology, explore the FAQs, and see an overview of the software interface.

4. How to import Excel source data into ACL Analytics manually and by scripting

Before you can analyze your data in ACL Analytics, you have to get the data. Learn how to define and import your data into ACL Analytics manually and by scripting, using an Excel file as an example.

5. 2017 fraud survey results

We surveyed more than 500 audit, risk management, and compliance customers to answer some questions on their anti-fraud practices to help us better understand the business side of the issue of fraud.

6. Robotic process automation: An opportunity for auditors and financial control specialists

Robotic process automation (RPA) is not a new concept, but has gained much attention recently. RPA seems a natural fit for the world of accounting and finance, where processes typically involve massive volumes of similar transactions and activities—providing many opportunities for auditors and financial control specialists.

7. ACL mentioned in Gartner Audit Management Solutions Market Guide

In April, ACL announced that its flagship ACL GRC platform was listed as a representative vendor in leading technology analyst firm Gartner’s “2017 Market Guide for Audit Management Solutions, which identifies priorities in auditors’ buying decisions in a mature market.

8. Are data robots coming to replace the auditors?

A recent Oxford University study examined how automation and robotics are affecting different professions. Among the over 600 professions considered, auditing was right at the top—deemed by researchers as a profession ripe for automation, with a 96% chance of being largely replaced by computers in the next two to three decades.

9. 6 steps of applying analytics for risk assessment

Don’t know where to start with data analytics for risk assessment? Step by step, here’s a basic framework of how you can begin to apply data analytics to assess risk and controls in your organization.

10. ACL and…or Tableau? 7 areas where enterprise consolidation of analytics fails for audit, risk management and compliance

Analytics consolidation is becoming more common in today’s technology landscape, where IT and shared data services groups are mandated by senior management to converge on licensing a single data tool across the enterprise for “analytics.” There are key differences between ACL and Tableau that make them more complimentary tools than competitors.

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