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Rory Emmerson

Rory Emerson,

Director, R&D, Vancouver

ACL Career Path since 2001:
Software Developer Senior Developer Software Architect Manager of R&D Director of R&D

“ACL gave me the opportunity to build products that real people use every day, and I love knowing that my work matters, and that customers truly care about the solutions I help create. I joined ACL R&D as a Senior Software Engineer in 2001. I am now Director R&D and I work with a brilliant and talented group that cares about what we are doing, and I am thoroughly enjoying every day at ACL.”

Kevin Legere

Kevin Legere,

Product Designer, Vancouver

ACL Career Path since 2010:
Tech Support Senior Tech Support Professional Services Consultant Product Designer

“Every day challenges my creativity, domain knowledge and technical skills. I get to work with amazing people and really believe in the strategic direction of the product. Most importantly: I love what I do. I feel profoundly fortunate to have grown my career so rapidly with such an amazing company.”

Our values are a core part of our business

Customer Intensity

Relentlessly pursuing the evangelism of our customers (internal & external)… exceptional at focusing on the right critical few things that will drive a broadly impacting customer experience.

Disruptive Innovation

Leading through ambiguity; embracing what we “don’t know”… This by its nature is strategic. The people who drive the re-invention of their job, function, team, and ACL with the mid to long term in mind.


Being ourselves, communicating from the heart, LISTENING… being in the moment and genuinely listening toward discovering and then enabling NEW possibilities that will lead ACL into zone of what we don’t know.

Our trophy case

We don't like to brag...but we're kind of a big deal

Silver Stevie Winner
ACL Awards GRC Innovator 2015
ACL Awards GRC Innovator 2014
ACL Awards Small and Medium Employers 2015
ACL Awards GRC Value 2014
ACL Awards TIA 2015

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ACL is a Vancouver based technology company, with offices in Singapore and the United Kingdom, helping achieve results for our customers in the billions of dollars.