ACL Legal

ACL Legal

Agreements and Terms for ACL Products and Services

NEW! We have updated our legal terms

We’ve been listening! Based on your feedback, we have streamlined and simplified our legal agreements to better serve our customers.

What Has Changed?

  • Fewer Agreements. All subscription-based products are now covered under one “Master Subscription Agreement”. This covers both the GRC cloud-based service and the flagship ACL on-premise software.
  • Clearer Terms. New and existing offerings, such as content suites, user resources and subscription-based enablement services (ie, Success Plans) have been clarified. Items that are included as part of your paid subscription will all be governed by the Master Subscription Agreement with no other incorporated or referenced terms.
  • Unified Terms for ACL Websites. We have created one “Terms of Use” agreement covering use all “” and related websites. Many of the terms in the Master Subscription Agreement are mirrored here to ensure individual users are informed of and abide by terms relevant to their use of ACL’s Community and Resources.
  • Continued Commitment to Compliance. We have added anti-corruption compliance to the Master Subscription Agreement and updated our provisions for US Federal Government End-Users to ensure those terms are current.

What Hasn’t Changed?

  • How you use our Products. There has been no change to how you use ACL products. They remain Named User-based.
  • Data Protection, Security and Confidentiality. No change. ACL continues to maintain the same robust security and data protections.
  • Core legal terms. Warranties, indemnities, limitation of liability, governing law and disputes clauses have not changed.

For details of the changes, see the Detailed Table of Changes here.

Updates will take effect on your next purchase, renewal or upgrade. If you have a current written agreement with ACL for the ACL products, such written agreement will continue to apply for the duration of its term.

Current Customer Agreements NEW!

For ACL Websites, see Terms of Use at the bottom of this page.

Previous Versions

All terms are subject to change.