Last month, we revealed what’s coming in our Fall ’17 Release to 500+ clients at Connections, our annual user conference, in Nashville. Now, we are ready and extremely excited to share with you these newest features that will be available to you in November.

You’ve spoken and we’ve listened; in this release, we are delivering some of the most requested user enhancements in the past year! Read on to find out what these features are in each of these categories:

  1. ACL Analytics 13
  2. Results module
  3. ACL GRC Analytics Exchange 13 (the artist formerly known as Analytics Exchange or AX)
  4. Bonus – new and updated courses in ACL Academy and new additions in ScriptHub

ACL Analytics 13

Import multiple Excel worksheets in a single operation

Does this sound familiar? “I’ve been given an Excel spreadsheet with 12 months of data and each month is in a separate tab. Now I have to import these tabs one by one into ACL Analytics before I can do analysis on the data. It is so time consuming…”

For the first time ever, you can import multiple Excel worksheets in a single operation in ACL Analytics 13! Once imported, each worksheet becomes a separate Analytics table. Not only that, but when you are importing the worksheets, the definition of the source Excel data is also performed automatically, making things faster and easier. Once the data is in Analytics, you can then tweak the field definitions if needed.

Import multiple Excel spreadsheets

Combine and auto-harmonize records from multiple tables

“Okay, I just imported the 12 months of data but now I need to combine them into a single table to so I can analyze the data at the same time. Do I have to extract and append the tables one at a time?”

With the new Append capability, you can now easily combine records from multiple tables in a single step. The best part? ACL can now automatically harmonize fields of different lengths and datetime data that uses different formats. No more headaches harmonizing the data manually!

Append capability

Other exciting enhancements coming to ACL Analytics 13

Here are a few other features that will appear in ACL Analytics 13:

  1. New ACL data connectors – Several new data connectors have been added to allow you to seamlessly plug in to more third-party databases and cloud data services. Starting in November, you can connect ACL to Active Directory, MySQL, email, and more!
  2. New classical variables sampling – You now have the ability to stratify your data prior to sampling.
  3. Deepened integration with R – You can pass whole ACL tables to R for advanced analysis and return the result table back to Analytics for analysis and reporting. In addition, a new R command has been added to help you simplify your integration of R scripts with your ACL scripts.

Results module

First thing first… As an ACL Analytics customer, you have access to Results!

There is a common misconception that only ACL GRC users have access to the Results module. In reality, every licensed ACL Analytics user (yes, this means you) receives a Results Lite Professional license and two Results Lite Contributor licenses free with their subscription. Scroll down to the “Tip of the Month” section to learn more about the Results Lite access that comes with your ACL subscription!

Now onto the product updates…

Enhanced visualization configuration capabilities

We will be releasing some dazzling updates to visualizations in Results. You’ll notice many visualizations have a new look and feel, along with enhanced charting capabilities.

Here are some of the new configuration capabilities:

  • flexibility across all charts to support all data types (for example, you can now create a bubble chart using a character field for the x-axis)
  • automated chart margins, axes labels, and ticks marks
  • axes min and max values on Cartesian charts
  • heatmap colors and ranges
  • the ability to gap or interpolate between data points in line and area charts
  • labels for chart values
  • an expanded color palette
  • paginated legends
  • saveable table column widths
  • the ability to copying tables to a clipboard
  • multi-language sorting

Expansion of available chart types

We are adding the standard area, 100% stacked bar, and 100% stacked column to complete the family in core chart types.

Storyboard Global Filters

You can now apply a filter across multiple tables within a storyboard, in a simple and flexible way. This provides the ability to compare multiple primary data sources from multiple perspectives in a normalized fashion.

Storyboard Global Filters

ACL GRC Analytics Exchange 13

Re-branding and version pairing

In this release, we will be rebranding ACL Analytics Exchange as ACL GRC Analytics Exchange to reflect its integrated relationship with the rest of the ACL platform.

In addition to the name change, we will be pairing the ACL Analytics and Analytics Exchange version numbers (13) to simplify the upgrading and maintenance experience. This change provides better visibility of our supported product versions and compatibility capabilities. In layman’s terms, Analytics Exchange is skipping from version 6 to version 13.

Other enhancements

  • New system variable – A new system variable (AXRunByUser) is now available in scripts. This variable stores the user name of the account that runs the analytic in the format domain\username.
  • Disable option to download to CSV – We will add the ability to disable the option to download to CSV from Web Client on demand.
  • PostgreSQL upgraded to version 9.3.19
  • TomEE server security updates
  • CAC access integration


Remember: Academy and ScriptHub are already included in your ACL subscription!

New and updated courses in ACL Academy

  • ACL Analytics Basics – covers the basics of navigating ACL, performing some simple analysis, importing an Excel file, and following ACL best practices – and includes 5 new videos!
  • Modularized ACL Foundations – 3 micro courses based on chapters of ACL Foundations

For more information, see our ACL Academy Course Catalog.

Brand new additions to ScriptHub

Many of our new scripts have been inspired by posts in Community, which we review frequently for opportunities to develop solutions that can benefit the wider community.

Start your scripting marathon miles ahead of the start line with great new additions including new scripts for parsing matrices, maintaining a log of known exceptions, assigning ID numbers to groups of related exceptions, and more!

Browse our ScriptHub Catalog for more!

Not sure how ScriptHub works? Get started with this 2 minute video.