We’re rolling out a brand new four-course Robotics program, and one new Machine Learning course in ACL Academy! Get a first-hand taste of the power of robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning by taking these courses.

What is ACL Robotics?

ACL Robotics is a new offering designed to implement a RPA program at the individual, team, or enterprise level. ACL Robotics can not only be applied to analytics, but also to monitoring, workflow automation, visualizations, dashboards, and more! Plus, it gets smarter over time thanks to machine learning. Expand your program beyond analytics and realize the larger impact you can make with robotics. Schedule and automate time-intensive but critical tasks to free up time to focus on more strategic and meaningful work.

Automating critical processes with ACL Robotics

“Scripting your way to automation” sets you up for success by building your scripting fundamentals. At the core of each automated robot is a script. Gain experience with translating your data analysis workflow into an automated script. Learn best practices to keep your scripts easy to read, maintain, and troubleshoot.

Not only that, but you’ll earn 3 CPE credits by passing the CPE exam with 70% or higher. Both the course and exam will be available February 15, 2019.

Keep your eyes out for the remaining courses in this four-course program as we’ll be rolling them out throughout February and March.

“Preparing your script for Robots” bridges the gap between ACL Analytics and ACL Robotics. Learn the ins and outs of analytic headers and get your script robot-ready. Practice adapting your scripts so that they run successfully in Robots.

Put it all together in “Scheduling your analysis in Robots.” Acquaint yourself with the Robots interface and learn how to schedule and execute your robots’ tasks.

In “Remediating and reporting exceptions in Results,” you’ll finish what your robots started by investigating exceptions and automating the remediation workflow in Results.

Finding data groups with the CLUSTER command

In “Finding data groups using the CLUSTER command,” take a deep-dive into your data and uncover hidden patterns with a machine learning technique called unsupervised learning. By the end of this course, you’ll be an expert on the k-means clustering algorithm and be able to apply the CLUSTER command in ACL Analytics to tasks such as customer profiling and outlier analysis.

Plus, when you pass the course’s related CPE exam, you’ll earn a handy 2 CPE credits.

How do I enroll in these courses?

Head over to the ACL Academy course list!

You can enroll in “Finding data groups with the CLUSTER command” right away.

“Scripting your way to automation,” the first course in the Robotics program, will be available February 15, 2019.

The three remaining courses in the Robots program will be rolled out throughout the rest of February and March.

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