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WATCH LIVE: The Evolution of IT Risk and Compliance: Creating a Sustainable Program in a Changing World

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Learn how organizations can be more vigilant in mitigating threats that could expose sensitive data, endanger their reputation, and negatively impact revenues and operations.

How do you know if your risk management and control measures are effective?

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The reality is that no control is perfect or foolproof, which means that you need to rely on your data to ensure that you are meeting your risk management requirements. Examine the tests that help you ensure your risk control measures are working.

Break the silos: Why higher education institutions should centralize their compliance efforts

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Ensuring compliance with thousands of regulations is a burden for higher education institutions. But a coordinated approach and the right tools can make compliance a lot easier.

Assessing low, medium and high risk

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Many risks happen every day, but are inconsequential. Others are a big deal. With so many controls and so many areas of an organization, it’s only logical that you should look at the ones that can bite you. In other words, look at the risks that have a high impact on the organization and/or a high probability of occurring.