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ACL delivers government organization 702% return on investment

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Through implementing continuous monitoring and automation using ACL’s software platform, a government organization realized a 702% return on investment.

Move beyond a compartmentalized “silo” view of risks

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Risk areas viewed in isolation can easily escalate into major problems. A coordinated risk management process enables earlier recognition of potential risks and can reduce the impact of negative outcomes.

How a university audit team became senior leadership’s trusted advisors

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Find out about our upcoming webinar with Cornell University’s audit team. Learn how they built a solid and successful relationship with management to become trusted, sought-after advisors.

Robotic process automation: An opportunity for auditors and financial control specialists

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Robotic process automation (RPA) is not a new thing, but has experienced recent renewed interest, particularly in audit and financial control management. Don’t get left behind—discover the many advantages and opportunities RPA offers.