Last month, we revealed what’s coming in our Fall ’17 Release to 500+ clients at Connections, our annual user conference, in Nashville. Now, we are ready and extremely excited to share with you these newest features that will be available to you in November.

In this release, ACL has invested heavily in our vision of being the first end-to-end integrated platform by connecting external content to your internal risk-and-control framework to the frontline owners – so you can be a well governed organization in real-time.

Read on to find out more about the following features:

  1. Content & Intelligence Gallery
  2. Assessment Drivers in Strategy and Projects
  3. Enhanced visualization configuration capabilities in Results
  4. Bonuses – new and updated courses in ACL Academy and new designation for ACL GRC users

Introducing the NEW Content & Intelligence Gallery

We understand that it can be time consuming if you need to manually enter standards or regulations in Projects, or design a questionnaire that is suitable for your purpose in Results. With this in mind, we have put together ready-to-use content in an easily accessible place called the Content & Intelligence Gallery.

In this gallery, you can find four industry-specific content suites:

  1. Banking
  2. Government & Higher Education
  3. IT Risk and Compliance
  4. Financial Controls Monitoring

In each content suite, they offer several toolkits that offer different types of resources, known as tools. These tools can be:

  • Standards/regulations that can be used in a compliance map in Projects
  • Risk and control frameworks in Projects
  • Template questionnaires in Results
  • Pre-configured metrics (KPIs/KRIs) in Results
  • Data analytics and scripts

All of the content is fully integrated within your system, allowing you to quickly import relevant content with a click of a button. Not only will this drastically speed up your workflow, but it will also guarantee that you are working with the latest industry standards and frameworks.

Here is a breakdown of the tools that will be available in the toolkits for the four industry-specific content suites:

Content suites chart

For more information about this subscription-based content service, please visit Content & Intelligence Gallery.

Assessment Drivers in Strategy and Projects

Conducting strategic and operational risk assessments can be a time-consuming and manual process. Many times, your organization may be reacting too slowly to change, and information may not be delivered to the right person at the right time.

All this is about to change with Assessment Drivers – automated risk assessments powered by metrics! Now, you can automate inherent risk scores to inform you about your organization’s current level of risk.

Here is what an assessment driver looks like in Strategy:

Assessment driver in Strategy

Here is what an assessment driver looks like in Projects:

Assessment driver in Projects

Enhanced visualization configuration capabilities in Results

Enhanced visualization configuration capabilities

We will be releasing some dazzling updates to visualizations in Results. You’ll notice many visualizations have a new look and feel, along with enhanced charting capabilities.

Here are some of the new configuration capabilities:

  • flexibility across all charts to support all data types (for example, you can now create a bubble chart using a character field for the x-axis!)
  • automated chart margins, axes labels, and ticks marks
  • axes min and max values on Cartesian charts
  • heatmap colors and ranges
  • the ability to gap or interpolate between data points in line and area charts
  • labels for chart values
  • an expanded color palette
  • paginated legends
  • saveable table column widths
  • the ability to copying tables to a clipboard
  • multi-language sorting

Expansion of available chart types

We are adding the standard area, 100% stacked bar, and 100% stacked column to complete the family in core chart types.

Storyboard Global Filters

You can now apply a filter across multiple tables within a storyboard, in a simple and flexible way. This provides the ability to compare multiple primary data sources from multiple perspectives in a normalized fashion.

Storyboard global filters


Remember: Academy is already included in your ACL subscription!

Brand new designation: ACL Certified Professional

The ACL Certified Professional (ACP) designations are a series of technical GRC credentials that validate skills, expertise, and practical knowledge in key functional areas of ACL. The ACP Projects Specialization demonstrates proficiency in creating and managing projects, performing fieldwork, centralizing issue remediation and review workflows, and designing reports to communicate results. For more information, see Become an ACL Certified Professional.

New and updated courses in Academy

  • Control testing – a technical micro course that teaches control testing in Projects
  • ERM methodology – a conceptual course that articulates the ACL approach to ERM

For more information, see our ACL Academy Course Catalog.