ACL GRC’s Projects module, formerly known as Project Manager, is one of the more heavily used ACL GRC modules by our customers. In this release, we have renamed it to better reflect the purpose of the module in relation to the entire platform. We have also added new features that help with managing your compliance program and one-click native reporting improvements that help you customize your reporting. Let’s take a more in-depth look at these new features.

Reduce your compliance management burden with Compliance Maps

We understand organizations, no matter which entity, often need to be compliant with hundreds of requirements and it can be a pain to map them out to your framework. To help lessen the burden to manage, track, and harmonize these requirements, ACL introduces Compliance Maps, a compliance management feature and content system that provides a central location for:

  • identifying applicable regulations and standards
  • harmonizing a list of requirements across all applicable regulations and standards
  • mapping controls in Frameworks to requirements
  • aggregating testing results and issues to track and report on compliance progress

Compliance Maps

Within the Projects module, you can now find readily available standards such as COBIT® 5 Framework and COSO® Internal Control Framework 2013.

Looking for more common industry standards and regulations? Check out the new standards and regulations we have added at the beginning of May as premium compliance add-ons in the Product Release section below.

One-click native reporting improvements: Impact Reports

Are you wasting time cutting and pasting together your reports? Introducing Impact Reports, a subscription-based report template service that allows you to create your custom pixel-perfect, reusable report. If you’re ready for the one-click audit report you’ve always dreamed of, submit a request to ACL today. You will work with one of our Customer Intensity Specialists to craft out your ideal report with visual styling (e.g. your organization’s branding) and other custom components. The template will be published as a template in ACL GRC, ready for you to use any time and in format, such as PowerPoint, Word or Excel.

Impact Reports

You ready to create your template? Click here to learn more and sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for Projects:

1. I am conducting a similar project next year. Can I re-use a project?

Yes. You can re-use projects or create a custom project template by rolling forward archived projects.

2. We refer to “issues” as “observations” in my organization. Can I customize project terminology?

Different professional groups use different words to describe the same concept. For example, one group may call a “test” a “procedure”, and another group may call a “finding” an “observation”. You can customize the terminology used in project types, modify the existing project types available in Projects, or create new project types.

3. How can I schedule a project?

You can use the Project Calendar to define the start and end date of your project, assign teammates to the project, and assign a role to each teammate.

4. Can I backup or export a project?

Yes. To save a project to your local computer or network outside of Projects, you can backup and export your project. You can use the Backup/Export feature to share your project results with other team members, external auditors, and regulators.