We’re excited to announce the newest program additions to the ACL Academy: How to Manage Audits in ACL and Automating and Monitoring Policy Compliance.

We’ve just rolled out two brand new programs in ACL Academy that will make you a pro at managing your audit and policy compliance in the ACL platform.

Like all Academy programs, you can learn on your own schedule. Start, work on, and complete the programs at your own pace. Oh, and did we mention you can earn CPE credits for completing the associated exams? Because you can!

Managing Your Audit

If you think this program sounds familiar, you’re right! All three courses used to be just one mammoth-sized program. But we’ve now broken them into three digestible chunks to suit the learning approaches and lifestyles of busy professionals like you.

This three-part enablement program contains the following courses:

  1. Executing your audit in Projects 1.5 CPE credits
    Use the Projects module to plan, create, and execute an audit.
  2. Preparing & analyzing data in Results 2 CPE credits
    Use the Results module to process, automate, and visualize exception data workflows.
  3. Reporting your audit in Projects & Reports 2 CPE credits
    Use the Projects and Reports modules to conclude an audit and create interactive reports.

Automating and Monitoring Policy Compliance

This program is the more intermediate of the two, but what you learn here can easily be applied to any approval workflow, like privileged access monitoring, compliance with anti-bribery laws, off-hours access management, and countless others.

This three-part enablement program consists of the following courses:

  1. Automating approval workflows in Results 2 CPE credits
    Use the Results module to design, create, and automate an approval workflow.
  2. Communicate findings, measure success, & automate monitoring in Results 2.5 CPE credits
    Use the Results module to engage your audience with captivating visualizations, metrics, and storyboards that communicate your approval workflow findings.
  3. Performing post-detection analysis in ACL Analytics 1.5 CPE credits
    Use ACL Analytics to perform post-detection analysis on your approval workflow data. Find policy violations, identify waste and abuse red flags, and test the workflow efficiencies.

Which ACL Academy programs are right for me?

While both programs are jam-packed with loads of learning, we’d recommend starting with Managing Your Audit (especially for those of you who are new to ACL). From there, you’ll move on to the intermediate program, Automating and Monitoring Policy Compliance.

Ready to enrol?

Head over to the ACL Academy course list!

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