First impressions are important, especially when it comes to building a relationship.

And when trying to get a foot in the door for management approval on new technology, first impressions are critical. When the audit team at Cornell University embarked on the journey to implement continuous assurance they took a different approach to the conversation and emphasized one key message: be timely and relevant.

By finding the sweet spot between continuous auditing and continuous monitoring, what they call “timely assurance,” the team at Cornell is now seen as a strategic partner to the C-suite and management across campus, as well as a trusted partner with data providers, subject matter experts and technology staff.

Join us for a 60-minute webinar with Data Analytics Manager, Curtis Josey Jr, Audit Office, Cornell University, and learn how the audit team at Cornell:

  • Built a trusted relationship with management
  • Overcame challenges with data acquisition
  • Evolved their audit technology usage to be repeatable, sustainable and transferable to management
  • Measured qualitative signs of success
  • Plans to expand their assurance program in the future!

View the webinar now!

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