We recently rolled out the ACL Analytics Foundations Program, a new set of ACL Academy courses designed to get you up to speed with ACL Analytics. From basic navigation, to conducting duplicate payments tests, to automating audits with scripting—the ACL Analytics Foundations Track introduces you to everything you need to know to get off the ground running. Each course is designed to take up just a couple of hours in your day. Earning up to 16 CPE credits for completing associated exams is just the icing on the cake!

This six-part enablement program consists of the following courses:

  1. Basics of ACL Analytics (ACL 100) – 1.5 CPE credits
    Navigate the ACL Analytics platform, perform basic analysis, import an Excel file, and use ACL best practices.
  2. Filters, computed fields, & functions in ACL Analytics (ACL 102) – 2.5 CPE credits
    Filter your data, create computed fields, and apply functions.
  3. Importing & preparing data in ACL Analytics (ACL 103) – 4 CPE credits
    Import different types of source data, and perform validation and integrity tests on imported data.
  4. Analyzing data in ACL Analytics (ACL 104) – 3 CPE credits
    Achieve common analysis objectives by grouping, reordering, isolating, and combining data.
  5. Remediating issues & reporting results (ACL 105) – 3 CPE credits
    Integrate ACL Analytics with ACL GRC Results Lite, automate issue remediation, and report results through storyboards.
  6. Introduction to scripting in ACL Analytics (ACL 106) – 2 CPE credits
    Create and run basic scripts that filter and import data, and use future-proofing best practices.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Starting with Basics of ACL Analytics (ACL 100), enrol in each course through the ACL Academy catalog.
  2. After finishing each course, feel free to continue onto the next course or validate your new skills by taking the associated CPE exam.
  3. Once your CPE exam has been marked by an instructor, you’ll receive your shiny new CPE certificate!

How many courses are there in the ACL Analytics Foundations Program?

There are six enablement courses, and six CPE certification exams. Don’t worry about keeping track of these yourself—we’ll provide guidance at the end of every enablement course so you know where to go next.

Do I have to take the courses in order?

Nope! While we do recommend beginners to take the courses in order, the enablement courses don’t have hard prerequisites. Completing an enablement course is required before starting the associated CPE exam, though.

Ready to enrol?
Check out the course list here!

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