About Brian Chung

Brian is a Senior Product Manager at ACL. He currently heads up the financial services (banking and lending) vertical, including the go-to-market strategy. He is also active in talking to both prospects and customers, gaining the insights necessary to help shape ACL’s new product features and content library. Other initiatives include gathering market and competitive intelligence and providing subject matter expertise on external projects. Brian has over a decade of experience in global organizations in the audit assurance and risk consulting space, including the big four public accounting firms, and his own boutique consulting practice. Brian is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) and has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University.

3 reasons to shift your risk management efforts to the front line

Risk management in the financial services industry is evolving. Traditionally, risk was managed by the second line of defense: risk management and compliance functions. But the trend now with banks is to move these responsibilities to the front line, where it all happens. Brinn Chung gives three benefits of front-line risk management.

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Keys to analytics greatness…and four ways ACL can help you bridge the analytics skills gap

If you have an identified analytics skills gap, or don’t have the time or money to invest in training, here are four ways ACL can unlock your analytics greatness.

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Stuck on endless repeat? 10 quick ideas to help auditors reboot tired old audit plans

Are you and your annual audit plan stuck on endless repeat? Your boss—and your organization—may be wondering: what have you done for me lately? Here are 10 ways to recharge—and make your boss love you all the more.

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Trends in the casino industry: A Millennial’s vision for managing gaming compliance programs

The casino gaming industry is highly regulated and has always been under a lot of scrutiny. With all this red tape, it's not easy to demonstrate compliance to get a passing grade. Maybe it's time to start thinking like a Millennial and apply some awesome technology.

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Supercharge your SOX team with pre-populated project templates

FREE with your ACL GRC subscription, supercharge your SOX team with pre-populated ACL project templates

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What to do about real estate fraud in Vancouver?

Soaring real estate prices, mortgage fraud, unethical flipping, and insider trading—these words have been trending heavily in local news headlines and water cooler conversations. With soaring housing prices in Vancouver, Canada, there is ample opportunity for real estate fraud to occur.

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Banking & Basel: The ONLY three things you need to know about BCBS 239, everything else doesn’t matter

The aftermath of the 2008 global financial meltdown created a whack of provisions and supervision recommendations for banks. Fast forward to 2016, and banks and regulators should, in theory, be able to avoid similar systemic meltdowns in the future. How strong is your bank’s ability to accurately assess and manage risk?

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