About Dan Zitting

Dan Zitting, ACL’s Chief Product Officer, is responsible for product management, design, and user experience for ACL’s industry-leading software products. He is dedicated to the advancement of productivity enhancing technology for the audit profession and is a three-time winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Magazine’s 40 under 40 and Readers’ Choice awards. Dan is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Information System Auditor and Certified Information Technology Professional. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University and a Master of Science from University of Notre Dame.

How to transition away from a culture of dark data

Eliminating dark data from your organization will involve some change management regarding people, processes and technologies. Read about how to address these challenges.

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7 dangers of document-based auditing

While the issues with document-based auditing center around dark data, other risks also lurk. Read about the seven common dangers of document-based auditing.

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Are electronic working papers keeping you in the dark?

The problem with a digital environment is that key audit information is effectively turned into “dark data,” trapping important insights inside electronic documents. Find out how to avoid this and unlock the true value of audit data.

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Technology deficiencies in the Three Lines of Defense

Since the emergence of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the use of technology in processes related to risks and controls has truly started to take meaningful shape in many organizations. However, when looking across the risk and control functions in most organizations, technology is still typically used on a departmental or point-solution basis.

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Cutting off criminals’ cash

If you’re a bank (or a customer of a bank), then chances are 100% that financial crimes are happening on your dime.

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The opportunity for a new breed of entrepreneurial auditor | Part 2

Will databots who will systematically replace knowledge workers in the audit, compliance, and risk management process leave the traditional internal auditor obsolete? In this post, Dan Zitting discusses the opportunity for a new breed of entrepreneurial auditor.

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The Future of “Big Data” Risk Analytics and Obsolescence of the Traditional Internal Auditor | Part 1

The world of the traditional auditor has changed. In this post, Dan Zitting, chief product officer at ACL, looks at what the future holds for the audit profession and gives insight into the future of "big data" risk analytics.

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Our sales team just sent me over the edge of the building. Literally.

ACL has a crazy awesome team, including a kick a$$ sales organization who hit an amazing goal on close of our recent fiscal year. As a result, I get to rappel down a 20-story building all for a great cause. And, this is especially exciting for me because I've secretly always wanted to walk around [...]

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Introducing ACL Analytics 11 and Analytics Exchange 5

Hello ACL-universe! It is the most distinct pleasure I have had in my entire career to introduce you to the ACL Revolution. "Revolution" is the codename for the biggest launch we have completed in many years at ACL (and quite possibly, ever!). The release of ACL Analytics 11 and ACL Analytics Exchange 5 has been [...]

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2014: Anti-Bribery Laws Coming to Brazil

Brazil is about to become the latest country where corruption is no longer tolerated, and that creates new bribery risks for every organization that operates there. There’s soon to be nowhere to hide, even in emerging countries like Brazil, meaning it is a must that even mid-market scale organizations, all over the world, begin to [...]

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