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Daniel A Clark, CRCMP, CISRCP – Director of Internal Audit- Washington Trust Dan has over 30 years in financial service industry. Beginning his career in 1982 and spending over 25 years within Citibank, he was exposed to national and international banking, primarily focusing in consumer, small business and retirement services. During his last 12 years at Citibank, he was an active leader in the Audit and Risk Review department. His audit and risk career at Citibank culminated when he resided in Miami and Mexico City and was responsible for auditing all $400B consumer banking activities located in Latin America, including the largest bank in Mexico, Banamex. After leaving Citibank, Dan has held senior audit positions in First Union (Director of Consumer Bank Auditing), USAA, (Chief Auditor), Sterling Financial Services (Chief Auditor) and GE Capital (Director of Professional Practices, Director of Americas Audit and Interim Chief Auditor). Dan is active in the IIA and the RMA and is a published contributor to industry practice. Presently Dan holds two certifications and is a strong advocate of progressive risk based audit processes.

GRC, ERM, and the Three Lines of Defense: Is it time to redefine the model?

Dan Clark, Director of Internal Audit at Washington Trust Bank looks at how the Three Lines of Defense model could be updated in light of the rapid growth and adoption of ERM and GRC tools.

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“Dare to be Different” by exploiting data…and the connections in between

One factor in support of excellence in auditing and risk management is the ability to master data. However, the industry still suffers from a lack of use of data-driven solutions. In this post, Dan Clark discusses the power of connecting data to find surprising results.

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No longer insight….but foresight

Having insight is not good enough. We should already be moving beyond that and demonstrate foresight in our auditing activities. I had an interesting conversation with a vendor (now a friend) just the other day. We were talking about the ongoing evolution in audit and she said something very thought provoking. For years I have [...]

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