About Lauren Smirfitt

As the Team Lead for Instructional Design within the Content team, Lauren Smirfitt is responsible for the strategic alignment and design of training initiatives. Whether your learning locale of choice is the traditional classroom or online, Lauren's mission is to create exciting and engaging content to help you leverage the ACL suite to maximize your impact within the realm of audit, risk and compliance.

Get schooled with ACL Academy’s top 3 course picks

Go back to school with ACL Academy! ACL’s internal development specialists have chosen and detailed 3 courses that range from a quick analytics refresher through to earning an ACL Certified Professional (ACP) certification.

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Become sought-after: Earn the ACL Certified Professional (ACP) credential

Maximize the full power of ACL GRC by earning an ACL Certified Professional (ACP) credential.

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Users’ choice: Top 3 courses in ACL Academy

There’s a whole host of goodies available on ACL Academy. Sometimes the most challenging aspect is just knowing where to go. Here are the top three courses in ACL Academy, chosen by our users!

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Ramp up your team 4x faster with Academy training progress reporting!

We consistently receive requests from managers and team leads who want to know how their team is doing in Academy. Until now, there was no way to do this. Workaround no more—we’ve completely automated this so you can receive progress reports as often as you like!

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6 reasons to quit monkeying around with survey tools

Here are six reasons to quit monkeying around with survey tools and start utilizing ACL's powerful capabilities.

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Cool $#!% you didn’t know you could do in ACL Academy

From deep-dive courses to bite-sized tutorials, there’s a ton of awesome $#&% in ACL Academy. Just in-case you didn’t already know, here are six sweet things you might have missed.

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