About Roland Flutet

Roland Flutet, Senior Manager, IT, has more than 10 years of IT experience both in France and Canada, including seven years as a leader. A supporter of innovation and focused on implementing and supporting IT best practices, Roland is spearheading technology change and operations improvement to enable business success globally from beautiful Vancouver, BC. Using ACL Data-Driven GRC, Roland enforces policies, mitigates vendor risks, manages IT contracts, controls actual costs, builds budget projections, and shares new insights with the rest of the organization to help it achieve its goals and objectives.

4 things your CEO wants to hear about security breaches

All IT professionals will be asked the inevitable “Are we at risk?” question some time. Read how ACL can make it easier to respond to critical cyber security risks.

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Controlling corporate cell phone costs: How we do it at ACL

Managing cell phone costs can be a notorious plague on an organization. In this post, learn how the IT team at ACL uses the ACL Platform to better manage corporate cell phone costs and avoid waste.

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