About Shane Grimm

Shane Grimm, ACDA: With over 20 years of experience using ACL, Shane is the Ironman of data analytics. His career began as an EDP Audit Specialist within an Internal Audit department and he moved to ACL as a Certified Trainer 15 years ago. During his time at ACL he has transitioned through various parts of the company and is now a Senior Product Manager and Product Evangelist. Shane has coached thousands of ACL users worldwide on data analysis techniques and best practices for optimal performance.

Moving from ad hoc auditing to automated monitoring

Using automated monitoring, banks and credit unions can free up resources to focus on more strategic tasks and achieving meaningful results faster.

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Gasp! Your data specialist is leaving. Now what?

Imagine the scenario: Your data specialist is leaving your office and you’re still letting the news sink in. Don't panic. Here are three ways to help ease the transition of this important job.

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6 Team-Based Best Practices to Multiply Your Analytic Value

I love seeing the usage of data analytics tools within organizations, but can’t help but see a huge opportunity being wasted by not expanding that beyond just a few experts in the department. Handing off Excel spreadsheets to others for analysis is not efficient in the long run as the experts will become the bottleneck [...]

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