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Technology deficiencies in the Three Lines of Defense

Since the emergence of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the use of technology in processes related to risks and controls has truly started to take meaningful shape in many organizations. However, when looking across the risk and control functions in most organizations, technology is still typically used on a departmental or point-solution basis.

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How to “do ERM” and actually achieve results

There is universal agreement that risk management silos are a problem and that home-grown, spreadsheet-based systems are cumbersome, resource-intensive and, often, simply not up to the job. The objective now is to shift organizational attitudes towards risk management and take an enterprise-wide, integrated approach.

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How do you spell success? ERM

The most successful, high-performing organizations have ERM processes that share the following characteristics. Use this checklist to see how your organization measures up.

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Make an immediate impact in the finance department with ACL

Empowered by an invaluable resource: a means of interrogating all our data (from all our systems) in one place, and the ability to illuminate financial risk and performance, Keith Bailey, director of finance at ACL, shares how he was able to make an immediate impact on the finance department.

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Are data robots coming to replace auditors?

There is not an audit team on Earth that has an adequate number of people to look at all key aspects of risk with a manual approach, and there never will be. Therefore, in the age of the digital enterprise, it is imperative we extend our reach through data and automation.

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Using data analytics to detect, assess, and prevent fraud

Data analytics is an increasingly critical element of conducting fraud risk management. In this blog, Dave Coderre, President of CAATS, looks at the landscape of fraud risk management, including fraud assessment, monitoring, and investigations, and the key elements of these, in light of a number of guiding reports and best practices.

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How to take the time (and stress) out of reporting

Does the word “reporting” give you anxiety? You’re not alone. Many governance, compliance and risk professionals spend hundreds of hours a year producing reports to fit into a specific format or template. And by the time that long, exhaustive process is finished, it’s...

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