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Training for ACL Data Analytics users

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Welcome to the ACL Certified Data Analyst Bootcamp Series! This series is intended to help you get started or better familiarize yourself with ACL Analytics, and expose you to resources that will help you in your journey. By taking advantage of the resources presented here, we know that in no time, you’ll not only be comfortable with navigating the ACL Analytics environment and using it to perform powerful analyses–you’ll be well on your way to becoming an ACL Certified Data Analyst (ACDA). ACDA is an industry recognized certification that demonstrates an individual’s ability to integrate ACL data analysis techniques into their business processes. Dive into the articles below to train yourself on how to use ACL data analytics and start on the path to becoming ACDA certified.

Five ACL Functions for Data Cleansing

Preparing data is often an overlooked, yet crucial step in the data analysis process. In ACL, you can run a series of commands and functions to make sure your data is clean, accurate and formatted correctly.

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Introduction to Scripting – Part II

In this edition, we will take a closer look at how to use scripting to create computed fields and how to ensure your scripts are future-proof and readable for yourself and for others.

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Introduction to Scripting – Part I

Scripting can sound scary and difficult to those who are just getting started with ACL Analytics, but with detailed instructions and a little practice, you’ll be reaping the benefits of scripting in no time.

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