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Training for ACL GRC users

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Welcome to the ACL Certified Professional Bootcamp Series! This series is intended to help you get started or better familiarize yourself with ACL GRC, and expose you to resources that will help you in your journey. By taking advantage of the resources presented here, we know that in no time, you’ll not only be comfortable with navigating the ACL GRC environment and using it to track, manage and share the results from your projects–you’ll be well on your way to becoming an ACL Certified Professional! What is an ACL Certified Professional, or ACP, you may ask? This is an exciting new certification that we just launched to help recognize our customers as the most sought-after in their industry.

You can learn more about the certification program here, or dive straight into the articles below to train yourself on how to use ACL GRC.

What’s New in the Spring 2017 Release Part I – Strategy

Strategy, formerly known as Risk Manager, received some much deserved love from our Product Design team and has undergone a major facelift. We have incorporated some core capabilities within Strategy to support your organization’s enterprise risk management process.

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