How to keep government procurement fraud in check: 4 steps to help you manage the mitigation process

In this post, ACL's Nonie Dalton discusses how to keep government procurement fraud in check and gives four simple steps to help you manage the mitigation process.

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Controlling corporate cell phone costs: How we do it at ACL

Managing cell phone costs can be a notorious plague on an organization. In this post, learn how the IT team at ACL uses the ACL Platform to better manage corporate cell phone costs and avoid waste.

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GRC professionals and spreadsheets … time for a “new car”?

There are plenty of reasons why many GRC professionals still use spreadsheets, often along with MS Word Docs and SharePoint, to run their risk management and compliance processes. The problem is that the reasons are usually not very good ones.

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Getting the Latest ACL Analytics Gear

Getting the Latest ACL Analytics Gear ACL Insider | April 19, 2017 "Why should I upgrade to the latest version?", you may ask. Well, you're already paying for all of the fantastic new features, so why not take full advantage of your subscription? Here are the three core benefits of [...]

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What’s New in the Spring 2017 Release Part I – Strategy

What's New in the Spring 2017 Release Part I - Strategy ACL Insider | April 19, 2017 Strategy, formerly known as Risk Manager, received some much deserved love from our Product Design team and has undergone a major facelift. First, we have renamed this module to better reflect the emphasis [...]

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WATCH: ACL’s Spring ’17 release webinar

With ACL’s Spring ’17 release, we introduced the first software to combine risk assurance and compliance assurance into a single, aggregated metric. Don’t just take our word for it, see it with your own eyes in this on-demand webinar!

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✅Buyer’s Checklist: Compliance Management Technology

Whether you’re looking to implement a compliance management system or rebooting your current system, this technology buying guide covers the core functional elements that make a big difference in the efficiency of a regulatory or policy compliance management system, as well as user satisfaction.

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Are you ready for ACDA Advanced?

Exciting news! We have a new designation to complement the ACDA Intermediate certification: ACDA Advanced.

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8 compliance processes where technology can raise your bar

Current software technologies can provide you with a tremendous leap ahead in terms of streamlining your compliance management process. Here are 8 process areas where technology can save you a lot of time (and pain) in your approach to compliance management: 1. Centralization of regulations and compliance requirements Efficient management of the [...]

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Finally, a breakthrough in understanding what it takes to successfully implement audit analytics!

John Verver discusses the 2017 North America Pulse of Internal Audit report from the Institute of Internal Audit’s (IIA) Audit Executive Center, and how it addresses the need for data analytics in organizations.

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