4 key highlights from the Financial Management Institute’s Professional Development Week 2016

In this post, Nonie Dalton, product manager, public sector, ACL, share highlights from the Financial Management Institute of Canada’s annual Professional Development Week.

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Customer Spotlight: Macsteel’s CAE shares how ACL Essentials quickly enabled continuous monitoring

In this edition of Customer Spotlight, Louis Herman, chief audit executive, Macsteel, shares how the ACL Platform supports and enables the whole continuous monitoring program at Macsteel and how they got up and running in days with 95% of everything needed as a starting point.

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Is internal audit baking risk into its own process by ignoring analytics?

It’s hard to find a head of audit or an audit manager who doesn’t acknowledge the need for ‘risk-based auditing.’ Thanks to the efforts of the IIA amongst others, it has well and truly hit the mainstream.

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How to perform enterprise risk management: Equinix VP Rod Verhulp shares his insight and a look at the company’s approach to ERM

Equinix VP Rod Verhulp shares his insight and a look at the company’s approach to ERM

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COSO’s new Fraud Risk Management Guide and the rise of data analytics

It was great to see the most recent publication from the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) on managing fraud risk and its specific call-out to the role of data analytics. The new COSO Fraud Risk Management Guide establishes five principles for managing the risks of fraud and links them to the five components of the 2013 Framework for Internal Controls, as well as the 17 Internal Control Principles. The five principles include guidance on establishing a fraud risk management program.

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Introducing ACL Community: 6 features you’re going to 💜

ACL Community manager, Jenine Suen, shares the top six features that you're going to love.

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Internal fraud: To flag or not to flag, that’s always the question…

In this post, John Verver takes a closer look at how employees most often take advantage of internal systems for their own personal gain, and what organizations can do to reduce their exposure to these risks of fraud.

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✔️Buying guide checklist for risk and control management & analytics monitoring tech

This buyers guide is designed to help you tick off the right boxes for you and your team when evaluating risk & control monitoring technology.

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Two upcoming webinars you don’t want to miss!

We have a couple of exciting webinars lined up that you don’t want to miss!

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How to measure risks to your reputation and brand

A company’s reputation is one of it’s more valuable assets and critical to business success. However, if you’re like most security & risk professionals, you have tremendous difficulty incorporating the concept of reputation into your risk programs.

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