How to “do ERM” and actually achieve results

There is universal agreement that risk management silos are a problem and that home-grown, spreadsheet-based systems are cumbersome, resource-intensive and, often, simply not up to the job. The objective now is to shift organizational attitudes towards risk management and take an enterprise-wide, integrated approach in which the downside of risk is intelligently balanced against the upside.

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3 reasons to shift your risk management efforts to the front line

Risk management in the financial services industry is evolving. Traditionally, risk was managed by the second line of defense: risk management and compliance functions. But the trend now with banks is to move these responsibilities to the front line, where it all happens. Brinn Chung gives three benefits of front-line risk management.

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Automating & streamlining your review process in Projects

Automating & streamlining your review process in Projects ACL Insider | July 12, 2017 In last month's ACP webinar, we learned how to create our own ACL GRC playground. Our ACL experts also showed us how to create a new project by using an ACL template and bulk uploading risk [...]

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The ultimate guide to ACL Connections 2017

Whether you’re a first timer, or an ACL Connections veteran, use this guide to get the most out of your experience.

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WATCH: How a city finance team built in continuous control monitoring

Providing assurance that internal controls are working shouldn’t wait for a costly annual audit. Learn how the City of Lethbridge introduced automated continuous controls monitoring in this on-demand webinar.

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4 analytics technology drivers to magnify audit value delivery

As data analytics and automation continue to improve, here are four analytics technology drivers that merit close attention as having the biggest opportunity to magnify audit value delivery.

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How do you spell success? E… R… M

The most successful, high-performing organizations have ERM processes that share the following characteristics. Use this checklist to see how your organization measures up.

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Making an immediate impact on the finance department (with a little help from a friend…)

Empowered by an invaluable resource: a means of interrogating all our data (from all our systems) in one place, and the ability to illuminate financial risk and performance, Keith Bailey, director of finance at ACL shares how he was able to make an immediate impact on the finance department.

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Customer Spotlight: See who’s doing amazing things with ACL technology

We continue to be amazed at all of the amazing things our customers do with ACL technology. There are thousands of GRC teams worldwide rely on ACL to make their day more productive, more valuable and more fun.

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Webinar: ACP Bootcamp June 2017: Creating Your Own ACL GRC Playground

In this month’s ACP Bootcamp webinar, we will be showing you how to create your own playground organization in ACL GRC. Using the playground environment and sample data, you are free to explore and discover all of the features ACL GRC has to offer—without worrying about messing up your organization’s real data.

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