3 myths about continuous control monitoring

We dispel three common myths about continuous control monitoring to help you on your journey to increased productivity and strengthened assurance.

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How to transition away from a culture of dark data

Eliminating dark data from your organization will involve some change management regarding people, processes and technologies. Read about how to address these challenges.

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7 dangers of document-based auditing

While the issues with document-based auditing center around dark data, other risks also lurk. Read about the seven common dangers of document-based auditing.

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3 reasons to join the ACL User Group Roadshow

Hit the road with our ACL User Group Roadshow and learn about the upcoming Fall Release. Hear first-hand from the Customer Success team about how to get the most out of the new release.

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Is it time to rethink your IT risk management and compliance approaches?

John Verver discusses how to take a smarter approach to IT risk management and compliance by replacing outdated and ineffective processes.

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Get schooled with ACL Academy’s top 3 course picks

Go back to school with ACL Academy! ACL’s internal development specialists have chosen and detailed 3 courses that range from a quick analytics refresher through to earning an ACL Certified Professional (ACP) certification.

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12 tips to help you “become sought after”

Taking inspiration from the theme of the 2017 ACL Connections customer conference, David Coderre details 12 steps to help you become sought-after within your organization.

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What’s New in ACL’s Upcoming Fall ’17 Release?

You've spoken and we've listened; in the upcoming Fall '17 Release, we are delivering some of the most requested user enhancements in the past year!

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What’s New in ACL’s Upcoming Fall ’17 Release?

In the upcoming Fall '17 Release, ACL has invested heavily in connecting external content to your internal risk-and-control framework to the frontline owners - so you can be a well governed organization in real-time.

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4 things your CEO wants to hear about security breaches

All IT professionals will be asked the inevitable “Are we at risk?” question some time. Read how ACL can make it easier to respond to critical cyber security risks.

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