We’ve just rolled out a brand new three-course enterprise risk management (ERM) program, and one new SOX course in ACL Academy that will make you a pro at leveraging ACL to manage risk and SOX compliance.

What is ACL Academy?

If you already know what ACL Academy is, skip forward for the good bits on the new courses. For those who don’t know, ACL Academy is ACL’s online learning resource—you can start, work on, and complete all learning at your own pace, at times that are convenient for you. And, you can earn CPE credits for completing the associated exams!

Get strategic with ACL Academy’s new ERM program

Strategize, limit risk, and seize opportunity in line with your organization’s risk appetite by completing this three-course program that’s all about ERM.

Three new risk courses

Identifying strategic objectives and risks starts with the basics and breaks down what exactly ERM is and what it could mean for your organization. It also delves a little deeper into identifying the strategic risks that could affect an organization’s achievement of its objectives. Gain experience identifying risks that can reduce your organization’s exposure to uncertainty and also identify potential opportunities for improved performance.

Implementing enterprise risk management guides you through assessing, prioritizing, and responding to risk using the ACL platform.

And finally, Reporting and monitoring risk gets you ahead of the pack by identifying trends, better predicting future events, and showcasing your work to key stakeholders using engaging and impactful visualizations in real-time.

But, isn’t there already an ERM course on Academy?

Yes. But we’ve split this course into a three-course program and added hands-on activities so you can test out our ERM solution using contextual sample data and scenarios in the ACL platform.

Enroll and get practical knowledge that you can immediately apply

Enroll so you can apply what you learn from these courses to your own organization. Bring objective, data-powered risk management to life and provide that comprehensive, single view of the risks and opportunities affecting your organization. Learn how to make better decisions with risk in mind and remove barriers to organizational performance.

Not only will you learn all about ERM and using the ACL platform to achieve your organization’s big goals, but you also get the chance to earn 3.5 CPE credits while doing so.

Take control of your SOX processes with Academy’s new SOX course

Take control and gain oversight of all the SOX controls in your organization using the Projects and Mission Control modules in the ACL platform.

What’s the course about?

In Setting up a SOX program in Projects, you’ll build and administer a SOX Section 404 compliance program using the ACL platform. By completing this course, you’ll discover how to:

  • centralize your SOX program and create consistent, reusable projects
  • document a project plan and assess operational risks to determine threats to your organization
  • gain oversight over internal controls and stay up to date on the status of your entire SOX universe.

Enroll and increase your SOX compliance efficiencies

Setting up a SOX program in Projects offers guidance in using the ACL platform to free you from the time, cost, complexities, and shifting landscapes of SOX compliance. Learn how our platform centralizes your program, so you can eliminate menial tasks, bulldoze spreadsheet silos, remove version confusion, and collaborate with stakeholders—all in one place.

Plus, when you pass the course’s related CPE exam, you’ll earn a handy 2 CPE credits.

Ready to enroll in these courses?

Head over to the ACL Academy course list!

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