A brand new point and badge system on ACL Academy

At ACL Academy, our number one priority is to enable the ACL community to get the most out of their software and become sought after.

As busy professionals, it’s not always easy to find the time to invest in learning and professional development. That’s why we designed this new program, to recognize, motivate, and reward Academy users for their ongoing investment in their ACL knowledge!

With the new Academy point and badge system, you’ll receive instant recognition for the hard work you put in. And, as always, we’ll maintain a record of all of your successes along the way—because we never want you to lose sight of the amazing progress you’ve made.

Gain points when you do almost anything in Academy!

How do I earn points and badges?

Good news! Almost everything you do in Academy helps you earn points and badges.

  • Log into Academy
  • Complete a unit
  • Complete a survey
  • Complete a course
  • Pass a test
  • Pass an assignment
  • Earn a course certificate
  • Earn an ACDA Intermediate, ACDA Advanced, or ACP certification

Want a more detailed breakdown of how to earn points and badges? Head to the About ACL Academy page.

Oh, and as a thanks to all of our active Academy users, we’ve gone ahead and retroactively awarded points for all of your completed coursework!

How do I keep track of my learning goals?

Your learning progress is recorded in the Progress page, which is accessible from the right-hand side of the Academy dashboard. Track important learning metrics such as all of the badges you’ve earned, recent activity, and courses in progress. And of course, download all of your hard-earned CPE certificates.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for future point campaigns, where you earn points in Academy to earn entries for prize draws. In the mean time, start earning points today!

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