We’re excited to announce and share the stories of this year’s ACL Impact Award winners!

At ACL, we’d like to think our technology delivers positive impacts to our customers, their organizations, and stakeholders—from compliance to risk, finance, audit or IT governance. That’s why every year we ask those customers to share their stories and achievements, so we can find and recognize that lone individual—or team—for the impact and value they’ve delivered by using ACL.

And now we’d like to announce the winners of our 18th Annual ACL Impact Awards: Cristal Pigmentos S.A., Kearney & Company, and Cornell University!

Our Grand prize winner

Sandro Oliveira, Governance, Risks & Internal Controls Leader
Cristal Pigmentos S.A. (Brazil)

Cristal Pigmentos is the second largest producer of titanium dioxide pigment in the world. They have eight TiO2 plants distributed in seven countries. In the past, Cristal didn’t have a formal, regular process to map the organization’s risk appetite and risk scores to the effectiveness of their controls (they have over 400 risks and 200 controls to manage!). With the help of ACL, they were able to manage this risk and control mapping and monitoring at scale.

By using the full ACL platform (Analytics, Analytics Exchange, ACL GRC), Cristal Pigmentos:

  • reduced the average receivables in days by 23%
  • increased the current liquidity ratio by almost three points
  • identified millions of dollars in inventory savings
  • boosted scrap sales revenue by 300%.

They were also able to mitigate risks from suppliers, collaborators, and customers—to the tune of over US $400 million.

Runner-up winner

Nichole Gable, Senior Manager
Kearney & Company (USA)

Kearney is a premier CPA firm focused exclusively on the US federal government, providing services across the financial management spectrum. They have helped the federal government improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of its financial operations; increase its level of accountability and compliance with laws, regulations, and guidance; and protect its funds from fraud, waste, and abuse.

Using ACL, Kearney:

  • identified $24 million of misaligned funding in areas where the Department of Housing and Urban Development was not effectively allocating funds to address the nation’s housing crisis
  • analyzed opioid addiction data to identify an area in Virginia with the highest per capita opioid addiction rate which received zero state funding. As a result, the team was asked to present their findings to the Virginia Secretary of Health and Virginia Secretary of Technology.

Through the use of ACL, Kearney was able to help the US federal and state governments identify over $22 billion in funding that was misaligned, misspent, or unspent, to better achieve the goals of the respective programs.

Runner-up winner

Curtis Josey, Data Analytics Manager
Cornell University (USA)

Cornell is a privately endowed research university and a partner of the State University of New York. In their first year using ACL, the audit team engaged in several advisory services with management and demonstrated the value of ACL technology.

ACL helped Cornell:

  • shrink audit time by 40%
  • locate over $350,000 worth of misappropriated hardware
  • identify nearly $100,000 in duplicate payments through their continuous risk assurance program
  • reduce high-risk procurement spend
  • test millions of sponsored award dollars for potential forms of non-compliance.

Because unit audits now take 40% less time to complete, the team is now able to spend more time on the higher-risk items that result from risk assessments.

Their story with ACL is a true journey on how technology has enabled the team to become trusted advisors to the organization. They now promote a more risk-aware and data-driven culture by using a blend of advisory, audit, and technology to provide greater assurance to senior leadership.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Each Impact Award winner receives an all-expenses paid trip to ACL Connections 2018 in Philadelphia, PA, October 14–17, where they will be formally recognized among their peers at the Impact Awards luncheon. For more information about ACL Connections, please visit the website.

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