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Our teams are experienced in helping customers achieve immediate success—and plan for success in the future.

We’ve worked with thousands of governments and businesses to implement governance, risk, and compliance software solutions. We take a consultative approach, providing advice to help choose a solution that best meets their needs.

While the estimate process is not as simple as flipping over a price tag, you can can be sure that each step is designed to uncover and deliver the best possible solution. We aim to partner with you so we can recommend a solution based on your requirements, challenges, and vision—informed by our experience working with thousands of customers.

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Step 1:
Contact us.

Call, email, or chat with one of our representatives. Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re looking to solve.

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Step 2:
We get to know each other.

Our expert teams will work with you to fully understand your pain points and vision, unpack your requirements, and answer any of your or your internal stakeholders’ questions.

Pricing roadmap

Step 3:
We prepare an estimate, project plan, and roadmap.

We’ll build out a project plan and pricing estimate for your solution—including a project roadmap to ensure the solution can grow with your long-term needs.

Some tips for evaluating enterprise governance software.

After exploring your needs, we hope that ours is the right solution for you. But the reality is that governance, risk management, and compliance is complex and there are many different software solutions—and our solution can help you do many different things. Here are some considerations during evaluation to help ensure you land on the best solution for you.

Business Problems

Be specific and transparent about the business problems you are trying to solve.

Many governance, risk management, and compliance applications appear to do everything, but this is not the case. A focus on solving business problems—rather than features and functionality—reduces your decision risk.

Abandon current process

Be prepared to abandon your current processes and be open to doing things in a different way.

A new approach can be good and can open up opportunities to be even better.

Scale your organization

Solve your current issue, but ensure that your vendor can scale with your organization.

Enterprise governance applications can impact many departments, and as your needs evolve you’ll want to ensure the platform you’re evaluating is going to grow with you.

Add value

Identify one area where you can immediately add huge value.

In many cases, a single successful application can help make your use case and future roadmap a reality. We’ve seen many leaders get huge praise for tackling a key business issue with forward-thinking initiatives.

Build your use case.

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