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Meet the rising demands of your department or agency with intuitive solutions to improve your performance, risk management, and accountability.

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Manage risks, ensure program oversight, reduce improper payments, and streamline audits.

Increasing transparency, stopping improper payments, ensuring program accountability, and building trust are strategic organization-wide activities that are essential in today’s budget-constrained environment.

ACL’s GRC platform helps you strengthen governance, risk management, and compliance activities, and simplify through automation so that you can efficiently deliver data-driven insights to help achieve your mission.

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OMB A-123

Meet your responsibilities for ERM and internal controls through automated compliance, internal control monitoring, and mapping your assurance back to your risk profile and strategic objectives.

Program oversight

Program oversight

Monitor performance metrics, analyze trends, ensure compliance on grant expenditures, and reduce improper payments within your state programs to achieve better service delivery.

Workpapers and analytics

Workpapers and analytics

With our 30 years of global analytics dominance and our modern workpapers solution, you can optimize your audits and increase your internal audit team efficiency and collaboration. Break free from sampling with fully integrated audit analytics and provide career-changing insights.

Automated control monitoring

Automated control monitoring

Gain valuable insights into your operating expenses and easily monitor P2P procurement, payroll monitoring, purchase cards, spend risk management, and more. Use analytics to leverage your financial data and better manage your financial processes, reporting, and planning.

Contracts oversight

Contracts oversight

Mitigate your contractor risks. Streamline your assurance, compliance, and monitoring activities in one intuitive platform. Monitor and assess vendor performance and procurement to protect your reputational integrity.

Improper payments

Improper payments

Spot potential fraudsters, be compliant with federal and state regulations, mitigate improper payment risks, and ensure decision makers get the oversight you need on entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Veteran’s Benefits Administration, federal and military retirement plans, unemployment, SNAP, and more.

Whistleblower hotline

Whistleblower hotline

Build an anonymous web hotline where employees, clients, contractors, and vendors can safely report suspicious behavior—and automatically escalate, assign and notify.

Access pre-loaded content for regulations, standards and frameworks

Rely on ACL’s Government Content Suite for government-specific regulatory updates, frameworks, standards, metrics, and best practices. The content library, which is researched and curated by ACL, ensures you’re always up-to-date and includes:

  • FISCAM and NIST requirements
  • Medicare/Medicaid Improper Payments Toolkit
  • SNAP Improper Payments Toolkit
  • Employment Insurance Toolkit
  • and more.

More than 200 federal governments worldwide have turned to ACL to support their audit, risk management, internal control monitoring, and compliance requirements.

“ACL is our window into business operations. And without that window … you don’t know what information is even available to you, so it’s impossible to effectively audit.”

Mitch Mertz

Manager, Data Analytics, United States Postal Service, Office of the Inspector General

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