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The Corner Office View: Laurie Schultz of ACL

Under Laurie Schultz’s direction, ACL went from selling niche risk-management software to offering a full menu of governance, audit analytics and compliance software in a subscription and cloud-based service. Schultz discussed with UAlberta Business the making of a “re-startup” company and the importance of “anti-fragility.” (UAlberta Business Magazine, Fall 2017)

Lottery scam mastermind: I warned officials about a gaming glitch 11 years ago. Now it’s back.

The mastermind behind a national lottery scam says he warned officials about a glitch in computer-generated drawings 11 years ago, but “nobody seemed too worried,” his lawyer revealed in an exclusive interview. (Des Moines Register, October 14, 2017)

Office manager admits $100K theft

Dan Zitting, a former auditor with Ernst and Young, says it’s not uncommon for employers to underestimate the risk of fraud. (Human Resources Director, New Zealand, October 9, 2017)

Moms Who Lead In The Workplace Raise Empowered Daughters

While women often struggle with the many roles they lead in, the reality is that for many working moms career and motherhood intertwine. (Huffington Post, September 29, 2017)

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