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ACL GRC Customer Success Case Study with Novelis – Part 2

This is the second part of a three part discussion with David Bigsby, Senior Manager, Internal Audit at Novelis to hear his ACL GRC success story.

Part 2: Sought After: Collaboration with Other Departments and Executive Leadership

“ACL has really helped us have more rigour around our control environment, to have a better understanding of our control environment. And so a lot of other divisions are starting to see that, with ACL we have a platform that’s scalable and provides some of that rigor. So they’re coming in and ask us questions.

How is ACL software helping you demonstrate value to executive leadership?
“We want to bring executive management into ACL so they can see the value of being able to visualize some of the data that we’re putting together. So really, we’re using ACL and trying to scale it up to use it in other functions in the organization and also to be able to speak to our executive management.

How is ACL software helping you become sought after by other departments?
“Our EHS, which is our environmental health and safety group, recently came to us, and they really needed help in terms of putting together a better program, process, and then being able to document that. So we presented ACL to them and said, “Hey, this is a good tool that will work for your processes well too.” They’ve taken a look at it. They loved it and they’re going to implement it.

“Our SOX team, the finance team, they’re using ACL as well, too, for SOX and they love it. I mean it’s like the best thing for them. And so I think that also means more credibility to our overall internal audit group.”

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