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ACL GRC Customer Success Case Study with Novelis – Part 3

This is the third part of a three part discussion with David Bigsby, Senior Manager, Internal Audit at Novelis to hear his ACL GRC success story.

Part 3: ROI & Benefits of ACL GRC

What benefits are you seeing after moving to ACL GRC?
“The speed of our audits are a lot faster now. Just because of the fact that everyone’s actually using it, we can actually collaborate. In ACL. I mean a lot of our audits are global audits, so I can put in files in North America and instantaneously someone in Brazil can pick those files up and do some work with it, send some notes about it, send it back to me, I can read those notes. ACL in Brazil is exactly the same as ACL in North America, and if I’m in Zurich, it’s the same. So everyone really gets the same experience now: in particular the same speed, in particular the same connectivity to the system.

“And so for me that’s been a great accomplishment because it’s really brought the team a lot closer together because we’re all really now using one system that we really all appreciate and like.

How is data integration underpinning your work in ACL GRC?
We no longer have to have that step where we want to pull data out of the system, put it into Excel or into another tool, have to manipulate it to get it to something that looks good. We could do it all right there in ACL. Because we’re not spending as much time worrying about getting the data out of the system and massaging it—I mean it’s a lot easier now. We’ve had a chance to spend a lot more on the data side, looking more at it and really pulling out some insights out of the data.

Are you getting return on your investment in moving to ACL GRC?
“Once we ran the numbers and it came out with the cost, it really—it was a no-brainer. I mean we were able to save that much money and that paid for a couple of FTEs in terms of employees. So from that perspective, once they saw the dollar numbers, it wasn’t a debate anymore.

“ACL has been a great experience. I mean it’s even beyond just the system. I mean it’s been an experience working with ACL team, they’ve been great. And I think everyone right now, they would say it has been pretty much a smashing success.”

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