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ACL GRC Customer Success Case Study with Novelis

We sat down with David Bigsby, Senior Manager, Internal Audit at Novelis to hear his ACL GRC success story.

Part 1: Moving to a New Audit Management System: Change Management with Novelis

“We produce rolled aluminum, primarily for the can market, so Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch. Now we’re really moving heavily into the auto space, so we just signed a contract with Ford to supply the F-150.

What was life like before ACL GRC?
With the old system, in terms of implementing it, it took us about six months to get it up and also get the training done. [It was] just too difficult, too cumbersome. In terms of performance it would degrade once you leave North America. If you were in Sao Paulo, Brazil, it was slow, it would time you out. If you were in Seoul, Korea, it would be slow, it would time you out.

“We used to send out a manual weekly issues report, and pretty much the issues report was: we took a flat file out of our old system, stuck it into an Excel macro spreadsheet, and then it would spit out—some information about issues by region, issues by manager, that kind of thing. Nobody wanted to use it. It wasn’t helping us to be efficient. Actually it was making us inefficient. Everyone had workarounds, so everyone had their own kind of different spreadsheets, their own kind of different reports that they would put together off to the side. We’d get the audit done in Excel, we’d get the audit done in PowerPoint, and then we go back and put it into the system. So the system really wasn’t working for us. I mean we were working for the system.

How did you manage the change to ACL GRC?
“And so now with ACL we feel like we have a system that’s actually working for us. We had a directive with ACL that pretty much we had to have it implemented within three weeks. We got it done in two and a half weeks. We had to get people trained. We trained people once, put together a manual—we haven’t had to train anybody else again. Even the people who have been on-boarded since, we can give them that manual. They can figure out ACL just like that.

“Literally we’ve saved 71% per year in cost by going to ACL. A lot of people have a lot more confidence in me and my decision making.”

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