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Analytics Revolution

ACL Analytics 11 and Analytics Exchange 5: Introducing new subscription services to help you elevate your approach to data analysis

Customers review what they like best about ACL Analytics 11, Analytics Exchange 5, and the new subscription services including Results Cloud, ScriptHub, and ACL Academy. Unleash previously-impossible levels of insight into risks and opportunities… and put your work in an executive context.

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Introduction – 00:01 | Results Cloud – 01:02 | ScriptHub & Academy – 02:12

Anna Cuson, Senior Internal Auditor, Self Regional Health Care:
“Analytics 11 is absolutely blowing me away.”

Siame Mathews, Senior Internal Auditor, Zambia Government Ministry of Finance:
“I can’t wait to go home to go and implement it.”

“It’s that whole value added proposition.”

Ann Swain, Senior Audit Manager, Wells Fargo:
“I love the new interface, the new look. It’s clean. It’s easier to maneuver.”

Anke Giegandt, Auditor & Data Analyst, Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group:
“The Web interface for AX5 now, it will make life much easier.”

Blair Richards, Senior Manager, Australia Post:
“You can do the best analysis in the world; but if you’re handing over tables and tables of data, no one can do anything with it.”

Willy Lira, Senior Manager, Corporate Audit, Safeway:
“Selling the results is also a challenge. Sometimes it’s a little bit more complex.”

“Wouldn’t it be more effective if people could just go onto the server and see the results and actually be able to interact with the data? Because now you’re interacting with data, you can drill down. What’s that red dot there? Click on it, drill down. On Excel, you can’t; you’re stuck, it’s a static presentation.”

“Instead of me looking at numbers and populations I can actually use a pie graph or I can use a bar graph.”

“A graph says more than 1000 lines of line items in Excel sheet or an ACL table.”

Steve Biskie, Managing Director, High Water Advisors:
“Having those dashboards tied into the exceptions, tied into the analytics.”

“Senior management just don’t have time to read the detail. Put it in a picture, tell a story. Create a story about why you did such a good analysis.”

“But make it something easy that I can explain to someone else, one of the stakeholders, that it make a huge difference in their business.”

“How can it make an impact to the business?”

James Hillier, Internal Audit Manager, Australia Post:
“Sharing results through the Results Manager will make our lives a lot easier. Just being able to get the person to run the analytic, view their results within the portal, it’ll save on a huge amount of admin and sending files around.”

Joyce Phiri Sundano, Controller of Internal Audit, Zambia Government Ministry of Finance:
“I can easily flag out the problems or any fraudulent activity that may be taking place to management. And that way, management of the Republic of Zambia will see and will have confidence in my team to say that we actually are adding value to the government.”

“It’s a good idea that we have online training, so that saves travel cost.”

“This will help us because not everyone is good at scripting.”

“Take something that’s technical in nature, that does some sort of analysis, and package it up in a self-contained way to provide it to a less technical auditor.”

“Especially for those who are new to the software or new to analytics, that will help a lot. And you always get some ideas what you could test.”

“Here are all the key systems that we have. Here is the Dummies Guide for how to pull the data off—and by the way, here’s the scripts. So once you pull the data off in this format, here’s the script will actually do all the tests for you.”

“Having access to all those useful snippets and pieces of code that the people at ACL have developed is extremely helpful.”

“The energy and just the creativity that’s exploding in this organization right now is contagious.”