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First Impressions of Analytics 11: Self Regional Healthcare

Senior Internal Auditor Anna Cuson had a preview of our upcoming September releases at the recent Connections customer conference. She can’t wait to start gaining more insight into her data and taking advantage of data visualization, to put her work into executive context. Watch the short video to see what she’s most excited about.


A first look at ACL Analytics 11

Anna Cuson:

“Analytics 11 is absolutely blowing me away. Instead of me looking at numbers and populations, I can actually use a pie graph, or I can use a bar graph. Or I can pull out certain data and say, this is what we’re looking at, this is what makes up this number. And it’s just wonderful to be able to know that I can take something that’s very complex, and that we understand because we’ve lived with the data every day, but make it something easy that I can explain to someone else, one of the stakeholders, that it can make a huge difference in their business. Because I have insight into things that they simply haven’t been able to look at before.”

“So that gets very exciting for me. It’s a whole value added proposition. And with AN11 I think it’s just going to make it that much better, and just seeing the exciting interfaces and just the energy in ACL as an organization that this has created. Right now it’s contagious. So it makes you want to go back into your office and go, “Wow, I never thought of it this way.” So now I can go back and look at a combination of AN11, ACL GRC, and kind of see how they’re fitting together. And it’s becoming really seamless, which is exciting too.”