Project Description

US-based international bank saves $712,500 in risk and compliance consulting fees by using the ACL platform

A commissioned study conducted by

A Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting, a third-party research company, uncovers the potential ROI for an ACL customer in the banking and lending sector.

When evaluating the impact and value a new piece of technology will have on your business, one of the easiest questions to ask, yet difficult to answer succinctly, is “what’s the return on investment?” This is why we commissioned Forrester Consulting to take a deep-dive into the real impact of the ACL platform on a banking customer. This study aims to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of the ACL platform by standardizing enterprise risk quantification, improving adherence to compliance policies and optimizing internal and external auditing processes within financial institutions.

Some of the key findings from this study include:

An ROI of 391% (over 3 years)
$532,000 in resource and consulting costs annually saved
Up to $248,063 of new annual income attributed to improved decisions with better data visibility
A 25% reduction in the amount of time it takes to complete audits
Ability to reallocate 2 full-time audit employees to under-resourced areas

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Forrester Study: Total Economic Impact of ACL