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I Am Sought After

ACL’s vision is to create a world where audit, risk, and compliance professionals are an organization’s most sought-after people. We asked our customers about how using ACL’s risk and control data analysis tool and audit management software system is helping to make them sought-after within their organization.

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Introduction – 00:01 | How is your work with ACL making you sought after? – 00:37 | How is ACL helping you unleash previously impossible levels of success and insight? – 01:23 | How is ACL helping you become sought after around your organization? – 01:55

We asked our customers, “How is your work with ACL making you sought after?” Hear what they had to say.

Carolyn Saint, VP Internal Audit, 7-Eleven:
“Maybe in the past you could sit in an office and look at paper or data through that mechanism and not really have to interact much with your colleagues. Today you’ve got to be so many different things.”

Amanda McPherson, Vice President/Internal Audit Manager, Colorado East Bank & Trust:
“A lot of it before was pieces of paper and lists and checkmarks.”

“What we all have to do and what ACL I think is really trying to bring it together with is data. If we’re able to, again, to upscale our functions to really be relevant to data, we’re uniquely positioned inside companies to be that sought after group.”

Dave Coderre, Public Servant in Residence, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa:
“We understand it better. We have the more powerful tool to access it and analyze it and report back.”

Willy Lira, Senior Manager, Corporate Audit, Safeway:
“If I was to look back and think if we did not have ACL what our reports would look like, I think they would look completely different because now every project that we work on, we are trying to find million dollar opportunities.”

Blair Richards, Senior Manager, Australia Post:
“What it has allowed us to do is to move to a strategic focus, to go from 10% of strategic areas to over 40% and that makes us more relevant to the stakeholders.”

Ann Swain, Senior Audit Manager, Wells Fargo:
“It has given me visibility within the audit division and across to the lines of business.”

Anna Cuson, Senior Internal Auditor, Self Regional Health Care:
“Instead of something being a five page report, I now can do a visualization for them and in one or two pages tell the entire story.”

Next, we asked: “How is ACL helping you unleash previously-impossible levels of success and insight?”

“We’ve been able to increase our cardboard by 20 million pounds in 2013 and that equates to about one and a half million dollars of additional cardboard revenues.”

David Bigsby, Manager, Internal Audit, Novelis Inc.:
“We save 71% per year in costs by going to ACL.”

Brandie Llewelyn, Information Systems Audit Manager, Alsco:
“I’ve worked with our tax department on tax audits to help them save tens of thousands of dollars.”

“Our key performance indicator is 80%. So we want to achieve an 80% acceptance level, which is agree or strongly agree. And every time we do an analytics job, we get 98%.

And finally, we asked: “How is ACL helping you become more sought-after around your organization?”

“Yesterday I received an email from one of our general managers of Post. We provided her the information to go to the customer contract, customer negotiations. She sent us an email about the entire team of our chief risk officer saying what a fantastic job we’ve done.”

“Finance will be calling audit asking us to help them when it’s their data that we’re using to answer their question.”

“So we’ve been able to use ACL and leverage it to help go into those particular operations, for example, logistics, and really to help them out to figure out how they can start putting in more discipline into the operations.”

“Demonstrating to the project team that we have this tool, ACL, we’ve been able to develop continuous monitoring reports that are utilized by the business.”

“Our SOX team, the finance team, they’re using ACL for SOX and they love it, I mean it’s like the best thing to them. And so I think that also lends more credibility to our overall internal audit group.”

“All of the departments within our organization are realizing that ACL is a powerful tool and we can really get a lot done in a shorter amount of time.”

“That kind of stuff is just wonderful to the team, to have fantastic people working hard to support business. And just to see that gives you a real sense of confidence that you’re doing the right thing.”