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Predictive Analytics: An Essential Tool for Today’s CFO

Smart CFOs use predictive analytics to understand the market and predict growth

Today’s CFO is responsible for more than just shareholder performance. They act as a strategic business adviser to the CEO, helping to drive the executive agenda. While financial rigor is necessary, it is not sufficient to deliver the performance results required to meet shareholder expectations or simply deliver on strategic objectives. Although CFOs have an array of systems to proliferate data (i.e., ERP systems, enterprise business intelligence and business tools, GRC, and shared-data service functions with analytics), the challenge of harnessing this so-called “big data” still stands.

All these demands are only going to get greater as technology becomes more commonplace. Luckily, CFOs today have solutions available at their fingertips. Download this article to learn the 3 concrete areas where CFOs can access data and apply predictive models to gain insight and make better decisions to help drive the business forward.

Inside this publication:

  • Challenges of data proliferation
  • 3 strategic objectives on operational data
  • Market insight on emerging trends and risks
  • Insight on IoT (Internet of Things) performance and safety

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