Project Description

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Webinar: High performing internal audit: A real-life panel discussion on how to strip out inefficiencies

In most organisations it’s a constant battle to find the right balance between managing risk and inhibiting performance. However, no matter how stretched the audit function is, there are ways to shine a light on risks that aren’t being managed effectively without creating a bottleneck and harming productivity.

This session will challenge you to think differently about:

  • Manual procedures for creation and storage of workpapers / reports and the effect it has on workload
  • Current levels of collaboration within the team, insight into trends/potential issues, and co-ordination amongst key stakeholders that results in meaningful action
  • Your use, or not, of analytics, especially within standard business processes and the current assurance that gives you over your controls

This panel discussion featuring the Head of Internal Audit at Octo Telematics will illustrate he took positive actions to transform his department.