How to Provide a Lens on the Risk Landscape for Banks and Credit Unions

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Robert Luu shareshow ACL works with banks and credit unions to automate the three lines of defense and allow for full transparency with regulators, bank supervisors, and risk owners.

Webinar: Benchmarking Banking Risks: Mitigate Threats and Pinpoint Opportunities

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Brian Chung and Robert Luu share how risk professionals within the banking sector can leverage publicly available risk information to help pinpoint opportunities to drive the business forward and guide business decision-making.

Solution Overview: ACL for Banking and Lending

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At ACL, we combine science, technology and data to help banks and credit unions successfully navigate the ever-shifting world of risk, audit and compliance management.

Integrated risk management at loanDepot

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Roger Scullion, VP Enterprise Risk at loanDepot shares how implementing ACL has helped the organization address challenges, establish compliance, and develop risk practices to align with the velocity of the business.

6 Ways Technology Drives Smarter Banking Compliance

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Discover how specialized compliance technology can ease the compliance burden, but most importantly, satisfy regulator inspections to reduce the costly risks of compliance failures.

Uncovering Top Banking Risks

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To get a better understanding of the risks banks are focused on, this white paper examines the publicly available Form 10-K filings of the eight largest banks from the S&P 500 to find out what’s topping their list of risks.

Webinar: ACP Bootcamp November 2017: What’s New in ACL’s Fall ’17 Release?


In this month’s ACP Bootcamp webinar for ACL GRC users, we will show you an overview of what is coming this November in our Fall '17 Release.

Webinar: Recognizing and Managing Emerging Strategic Risks

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In this 60-minute webinar, Daniel Clark, Director of Internal Audit at Washington Trust Bank, shares how he integrates strategic risk management into business decision-making and execution for a decisive advantage.

The 7 dangers of document-based auditing

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The use of word documents and spreadsheets as the primary vehicles for capturing and documenting audit procedures significantly impedes the ability of audit organizations to work efficiently, expedite quality assurance processes, maintain durable data integrity, and deliver meaningful audit insights.

Webinar: The Evolution of IT Risk and Compliance… Creating a Sustainable Program in a Changing World

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Organizations must be vigilant in mitigating threats that could expose sensitive data, endanger their reputation, and negatively impact revenues and operations. The threats and compliance regulations can seem exponential and overwhelming, challenging companies to implement risk and compliance programs that are both pragmatic and sustainable.

Webinar: ACP Bootcamp August 2017: Automate And Streamline Your Review Process in Projects


So you've completed your fieldwork for an audit or assessment in ACL GRC Projects and you need your work to be reviewed by your manager. In this ACP Bootcamp webinar, we'll show you best practices for managing the review process and for signing off when the work is complete.

Study shows government organization achieves 702% ROI using the ACL Platform

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A commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ACL uncovers the potential ROI for an ACL customer in the public sector.

Webinar: ACP Bootcamp June 2017: Creating Your Own ACL GRC Playground Recording

Learn how to create your own playground organization in ACL GRC. Using the playground environment and sample data, you are free to explore and discover all of the features ACL GRC has to offer—without worrying about messing up your organization’s real data.

Webinar: ACL Spring ’17 Release

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In case you haven't heard yet, the ACL Spring '17 Release is here! With this release brings you the ability to visualize and manage enterprise risk with a data-driven approach.

Risk & control monitoring at Siemens Financial Services, Inc.

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An interview with Jason Gross, CPA, CIA, CFE, CISA, ACDA, vice president of controls management, Siemens Financial Services, Inc, on how they're using the ACL Platform to gain better control over financial and operating controls, improve consistency in their continuous controls monitoring program, and gain better insights into their data.

Data-driven audit management at City of Gainesville

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An interview with ACL customer Carlos Holt, city auditor at City of Gainesville on how ACL's data-driven audit management platform has increased team performance, replaced manual processes and significantly changed the way they work—for the better!

Forrester Total Economic Impact Study on the ACL Platform

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Third-party research shows ACL customer achieves 402% ROI using the ACL Platform ACL provides governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management software for assessing risk, executing projects, continuously monitoring data, managing process documentation, and creating reports and dashboards for business visibility. While it’s easy to understand the value in the [...]

Data-driven enterprise risk management at Equinix

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An interview with Equinix on how they're using ACL's enterprise risk management solution to enable their vision of cross-functional collaboration.

Demo: ACL GRC (2.5 mins)


Watch a demo of the ACL GRC platform and learn how to align on strategic risk, simplify operational complexity, manage your results all in one place, and report on your insights.

Sharing results from ACL Analytics using ACL Results Manager

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Let's talk about integrating ACL Analytics with ACL GRC. Specifically, sharing the results of your analysis from ACL to Results Manager.

ACL GRC Product Sheet

Trying to improve team efficiency, deliver more value and boost team satisfaction? We built an award-winning solution for that. Read more

ACL ScriptHub: Innovation in Automated Controls Architecture

GRC 20/20 has recognized ACL ScriptHub with a 2015 GRC Innovation Award for technical innovation in Automated Controls Architecture

Subscription Capabilities Sheet

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Your ACL subscription includes access to on-demand training, a library of pre-built risk analysis scripts, a rich knowledge base, and complete user guides. Learn more in this Capabilities Sheet.

Straight Talk Consulting Solutions

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ACL GRC provided Straight Talk with a SAS 70 report detailing the integrity of the hosting environment, assuring a necessary high level of confidence regarding the safety of clients’ data.

ACL Results Manager

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ACL offers an easy-to-use collaborative app to centrally, securely and efficiently interact with any stakeholder. View our capability sheet outlining our automated workflow remediation solution to 8 pains to learn more.

ACL workflow remediation of risk analytic results | 3.5 min overview


Watch this short demo to see how ACL GRC can help you share findings, collaborate with others on a shared platform, track progress, automate processes, visualize results and more!

Bootcamp Webinar: A Year in Review with Data-driven GRC


A lot has happened in 2015 with ACL GRC. We’ve added a stack of new features and made some key enhancements to existing functionality!

Build the Business Case for GRC


This research report by Forrester details the essential elements of cost, benefit, flexibility, and risk that help explain the value of a GRC program. Read now >>

Getting Started with ScriptHub

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Did you know as an ACL customer, you have full complimentary access to ScriptHub? ScriptHub is a growing collection of scripts, solving more than 160 commonly asked “how to” questions, with new content being added constantly.

ACL ScriptHub: pre-written scripts + your creativity = simple. data analytics

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You can significantly expand your data analysis capabilities even if you do not possess advanced scripting skills by using ACL’s innovative ScriptHub – a library of pre-built analytic code snippets.

Interpretive Visual Remediation: identify trends and outliers + trigger remediation


Learn how to narrow in on the subset of transactions that matter and trigger actions directly from visualization filters.

Scan-to-PDF in ACL GRC Mobile App


The ACL GRC mobile app for iOS and Android revolutionizes the way you capture information quickly while conducting fieldwork or collecting information onsite with the Scan-to-PDF feature.

Risk Assurance Dashboard: Objectively quantify your risks

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Wish your system would automatically keep a cumulative risk assurance score over the course of your risk evaluation activities? Learn more in this short video.

Data-Driven GRC


A quick snapshot of ACL's end-to-end GRC solution.

Reporting & Dashboarding


ACL GRC provides audit teams with impactful, automated reporting and story telling capabilities. Learn more in this short demo.

Remote Off-line Auditing | 1 min demo

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Need to conduct an audit without any connectivity at all? ACL GRC has you covered. Learn more in this one minute demo.

Risk-Based Auditing | 2 min demo

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Learn how to use ACL to enable smart planning to assess the most strategic risks threatening your objectives, assign appropriate resources and define audit scope.

SOX Control Self Assessments & Certifications

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Chad Wood demonstrates how to manage the process of SOX Control Self-Assessments and Certifications using ACL technologies.

Payroll Applications

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From the creation of new employees, to managing and calculating payroll transactions, or time and attendance tracking - ACL has an extensive library of analytic tests that can help you uncover critical control exposures within the payroll processes.

Purchase-to-Payment Applications

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ACL has an extensive library of analytic tests that can help you uncover critical control exposures within the vendor management, purchases and requisitions, and payables and payments processes.

ACL GRC: In-Depth Overview


We're taking a big-picture look at our sample organization’s risk assessment, using ACL GRC.

Issues Management – ACL GRC | 2.5 min demo


Make issue follow up and remediation simple with ACL GRC.

Workpaper Management – ACL GRC Project Manager | 2.5 min demo


Kill the clutter and automate collaboration with ACL GRC Project Manager.

ACL GRC Reports Manager: Getting Started


Watch this crash course on using ACL GRC Reports Manager!

Demo: ACL GRC results management workflow


Watch this 2.5 minute video to learn how to streamline your results management process with ACL GRC Results Manager.

Adding Value with ACL GRC

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We asked the Chief Audit Executives, Chief Risk Executives and Chief Compliance Executives using ACL GRC what they thought about the decision to implement our audit, risk and compliance management solution in their organization.

Integrating Analytics with ACL GRC Results Manager

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In this 7-minute demo, ACL Product Manager Phil Lim shows how easy it is to share your ACL Analytics results with a broader team, using ACL GRC. Watch “Data-Driven GRC” in action!

ACL GRC: Automating your SOX Management and Simplifying Remediation


We'll take a look at our flexible platform for making your SOX projects easier to manage—starting with an IT General Controls (ITGC) project and working through the testing results and automating your remediation process.

Introducing ACL GRC: Governance, Risk and Compliance Simplified


ACL GRC will change the way you think about governance, risk and compliance.

ACL GRC for iOS Quick Reference

Quick tips and tricks for using ACL GRC on your iPad® or iPhone®, as well as a list of FAQs that will be helpful for any user.