Uncovering Top Banking Risks

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To get a better understanding of the risks banks are focused on, this white paper examines the publicly available Form 10-K filings of the eight largest banks from the S&P 500 to find out what’s topping their list of risks.

The 7 dangers of document-based auditing

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The use of word documents and spreadsheets as the primary vehicles for capturing and documenting audit procedures significantly impedes the ability of audit organizations to work efficiently, expedite quality assurance processes, maintain durable data integrity, and deliver meaningful audit insights.

Study shows government organization achieves 702% ROI using the ACL Platform

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A commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ACL uncovers the potential ROI for an ACL customer in the public sector.

Top 8 Better Practices in Compliance Management


The critical success factors for improving regulatory & policy compliance processes

Predictive Analytics: An Essential Tool for Today’s CFO


Learn the 3 concrete areas where CFOs can access data and apply predictive models to gain insight and make better decisions to help drive the business forward.

7 Key Trends in Enterprise Risk Management

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A guide to enhancing strategic performance with smart ERM

Death of the Tick Mark, Birth of the Sought-After Internal Auditor

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Learn through an ex-internal auditor’s lens on how you too can become the sought-after internal auditor.

US-based international bank saves $712,500 by using the ACL platform

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When evaluating the impact and value a new piece of technology will have on your business, one of the easiest questions to ask, yet difficult to answer succinctly, is “what’s the return on investment?” This is why we commissioned Forrester Consulting to take a deep-dive into the real impact of [...]

The Finance Leader’s Guide to Balancing Risk and Performance


In this new ebook, we’ll share with you the finance leader’s guide to understanding the natural gaps in your ERP system—and the specific actions you can take to grab risk by the scruff of the neck so you can focus on maximizing performance.

Shining a Spotlight on Supply Chain Risk Management

This e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with ACL, explains how compliance officers can create stable and effective supply chains.

How to Combat Government Fraud, Waste and Abuse: A Focus on Government Programs

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In this eBook, we’ll look at how technology can make a real difference in the ongoing challenge of keeping fraud, waste and abuse under control across a variety of government areas.

The Evolving Era of Big Data

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This eBook, produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with ACL and HP Security Voltage, provides the reader with useful strategies in the world of Big Data that compliance and audit executives can use to govern information effectively.

Mastering Risk with “Data Driven GRC”

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A Step-by-Step Approach to Integrating Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Processes to Deliver Transformational Value

The Ultimate Guide to IT Audit Readiness: 11 steps to winning back your time & reducing IT risk

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By combining people, process and technology, you can better manage and reduce IT risks. This eBook outlines 11 key steps to make your risk management and compliance activities work in a way that is smarter, quicker, simpler and efficient.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You (Public sector – US)

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This 18-page eBook explores how government departments can leverage specialized risk and control analytics from ACL.

Build the Business Case for GRC


This research report by Forrester details the essential elements of cost, benefit, flexibility, and risk that help explain the value of a GRC program. Read now >>

Conducting Effective Investigations

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To help compliance officers and legal teams navigate their many challenges, this jam-packed e-Book produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with ACL looks at what it takes to lead a successful internal investigation. Read now >>

Connecting the Dots

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The power of technology can help internal auditors realize their full potential as highly valuable resources that are sought-after throughout the organization. Learn more with this 30+ page guide.

What ACL Analytics Can Do For You: ROI Survey Findings


ACL shares the results of our survey of Chief Audit Executives, Chief Risk Executives and Chief Compliance Executives to see what they think about what ACL analytics can do for you!

Adding Value with ACL GRC

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We asked the Chief Audit Executives, Chief Risk Executives and Chief Compliance Executives using ACL GRC what they thought about the decision to implement our audit, risk and compliance management solution in their organization.

Infographic: ACL Software ROI

The most sought after leaders know that technology underpins the future success of their teams. We asked the leaders at ACL GRC customers why software worked for them.

Bribery and Corruption: The Essential Guide to Managing the Risks

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This e-book outlines the key aspects of an effective process framework for managing the risks of bribery and corrupt payments. Read more

Detecting and Preventing Fraud with Data Analytics


This e-book is focused on using data analytics to implement a successful fraud program, including key considerations and techniques for detecting fraud with a number of examples that you can apply in your organization.

Combatting Purchasing Card and T&E Expense Fraud: Getting Started Guide

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Read this eBook to learn how data analysis can make up for control weaknesses and rapidly identify where fraud has occurred.

16th Annual Impact Award Winners

Read the results of the 16th Annual Impact Awards, the premier awards recognizing the world’s most innovative audit, finance, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) professionals.

ACL 15th Annual Impact Award Winners

This eBook highlights each of the winners of the ACL 15th Annual Impact Awards and their award winning achievements.

The ACL Data Analysis Capability Model

This paper provides an introduction to the Data Analysis Capability Model and help organizations build a roadmap for increasing analytics testing throughout their fraud detection activities.

Automating Fraud Detection: The Essential Guide

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Through a discussion of typical frauds, detection processes and tests, this eBook will show you how to achieve results by applying data analysis software in key business areas.

Integrating Working Papers with Audit Management


How to shift from 'common practices' to 'best practices'

Don’t Get Bitten by the FCPA


Review case studies and sample testing areas and take the FCPA-readiness questionnaire!

Don’t Get Stung by the UK Bribery Act

Get tips for building your data analytic strategy and assuring your organisation's compliance.

Spreadsheets: A High-Risk Tool for Data Analysis

Read this white paper to learn more about the risks of using spreadsheets for your data analytics.

Always On: How Data Analytics and Continuous Auditing and Monitoring Are Evolving


Read this e-Book on continuous auditing and monitoring produced by Compliance Week with contributions by ACL.

The New Chief Audit Executive


The New Chief Audit Executive: Leadership in the risk intelligent organization

Building the Business Case for Data Analytics


This e-book will help you build a business case to get started with data analytics or expand your current program.

7 Steps to Tackle Fraud Using Data Analytics

Follow these 7 Steps of how to use data analytics to find fraudulent activity within your organization

The ACL Audit Analytic Capability Model White Paper


Navigating the journey from basic data analysis to continuous monitoring