Fighting fraud, waste and abuse at Oregon Secretary of State, Audits Division

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Learn how the Oregon Secretary of State, Audits Division, is using the ACL platform to target fraudsters and protect public funds.

Data-driven enterprise risk management at Equinix

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An interview with Equinix on how they're using ACL's enterprise risk management solution to enable their vision of cross-functional collaboration.

Supply Chain Oversight: Purchase-to-Pay Monitoring

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Review this ACL Solution Brief to learn how to shine the light on your P2P process and reveal the truth with data, and connect stakeholders through a central platform for end-to-end oversight.

How to Use Data Analysis to Catch a P-Card Fraudster

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Watch this 2-min walkthrough of how to implement ACL's robust P-Card monitoring program in your organization.

How to Combat Government Fraud, Waste and Abuse: A Focus on Government Programs

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In this eBook, we’ll look at how technology can make a real difference in the ongoing challenge of keeping fraud, waste and abuse under control across a variety of government areas.

Webinar: Prevent your taxes from going to Fraudsters


In this webinar Jeremy Clopton, Director in the Forensics & Valuation Services division of BKD, LLP and Scott Robinson, Account Executive - Public Sector at ACL have a candid discussion how cross-matching, data analysis and continuous monitoring are used to support the integrity of entitlement programs and to fight against fraud, waste and abuse in the Public Sector.

Baptist Health System, Inc.

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Streamlined Regulatory Compliance Through Continuous Auditing

Combatting Purchasing Card & T&E Expense Fraud

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Fraudulent use of P-Cards and fraudulent claims for T&E expenses rank among the most commonly occurring types of employee fraud.

Texas Instruments

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Data-driven risk management across global processes with automated control testing

Purchase-to-Payment Applications

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ACL has an extensive library of analytic tests that can help you uncover critical control exposures within the vendor management, purchases and requisitions, and payables and payments processes.

Bribery and Corruption: The Essential Guide to Managing the Risks

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This e-book outlines the key aspects of an effective process framework for managing the risks of bribery and corrupt payments. Read more

Detecting and Preventing Fraud with Data Analytics


This e-book is focused on using data analytics to implement a successful fraud program, including key considerations and techniques for detecting fraud with a number of examples that you can apply in your organization.

Top 10 Anti-Bribery Analytics for the UK Bribery Act

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With more than 25 years of experience, ACL has distilled a suite of the most valuable analytic tests proven effective as an early warning system against bribery and corruption.

Combatting Purchasing Card and T&E Expense Fraud: Getting Started Guide

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Read this eBook to learn how data analysis can make up for control weaknesses and rapidly identify where fraud has occurred.

Automating Fraud Detection: The Essential Guide

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Through a discussion of typical frauds, detection processes and tests, this eBook will show you how to achieve results by applying data analysis software in key business areas.

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group

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Using ACL software to automate their tests, Dollar Thrifty has already saved over 10,000 hours of manual staff labor, reduced commission expense by $750,000 annually, and pinpointed cases of fraud.

Investors Group Inc.

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ACL solutions play an important role in consolidating and validating financial and operational reporting information derived from disparate systems and highlighting areas where cost savings are possible through economies of scale.

Forensic Strategic Solutions

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Using ACL data analysis technology, Forensic Strategic Solutions investigation uncovered a range of fraudulent activities and lapses in financial controls, including fictitious vendors, duplicate payments, and widespread violations of competitive bidding policies, the sum of which totalled more than US $70 million.

Fintrax Group Holdings Ltd.

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With ACL, Fintrax has managed to reduce labor costs while significantly improving the efficiency of cash refund analysis from overseas offices.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd.

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After a thorough vendor analysis, the Dhanlaxmi team chose ACL technology to support its offsite surveillance project.

ACL for Public Sector: Fraud Exposure Story and Demo

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In this 'story,' our fictional organization is dealing with fraud exposure of individuals using P-Cards to purchase construction supplies for personal use and re-sale.