Connecting the Dots – Building Internal Audit Value: feat. DAA

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Dublin Airport Authority describes how their team has become highly valued in their organisation, simply by de-cluttering processes and connecting the few critical dots to become more effective and relevant to the business.

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group

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Using ACL software to automate their tests, Dollar Thrifty has already saved over 10,000 hours of manual staff labor, reduced commission expense by $750,000 annually, and pinpointed cases of fraud.

Hawaiian Airlines

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ACL™ Analytics Exchange makes it simple for Hawaiian Airlines to segregate different projects and run them directly from the server.

Emirates Airline

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With ACL, the Emirates audit team has saved hundreds of labour days, while at the same time ensuring complete data coverage.

CHC Helicopter

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Enhanced Workflow and Cloud-Based Project Management Boosts Productivity for Global Audit Team